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  1. Just checking in...

    I see all those Aion haters like that old exgirlfriend you havent seen in years, you barely remember her and the moment she sees you, she gets angry because you are in a stable relationship and she tells you why you are in one if you are a terrible boyfriend. It is just sad, too sad to see people who just cant let it go, just move on on your life and let people who still enjoy this game alone
  2. 6.0 info

    Now that 6.0 is out, whats the story now there are no more archdeava?? i mean, our memory was erased ?? was a dream?? NCSOFT gave some explanation in the history of Atreia?
  3. I Like Aion

    If you like the game, keep playing it.
  4. Something I don't understand (Small rant)

    @MintyR-DN i know, and people dont like SM for that too, but lets face it, SW is the most hated class in the game, NC took the best of three classes (Clerics, Sorcs, SM) and give it to one class, they can CC, dispell, silence, heal, nuke skills, etc.. Please
  5. Something I don't understand (Small rant)

    dont forget their low cd in the skills, while the other cloth classes have 1m to 3m cd
  6. MAssive DC KT-asmo during divine siege, no rewards

    Today, my entire ally got dc from evergale canon, does this mean NC hate elyos now???
  7. I do not know if this change in the number of entries to the arenas was planned, but now discipline, harmony and chaos have unlimited entries and chaos has only one entry and there is no information in the patch note.
  8. MAssive DC KT-asmo during divine siege, no rewards

    So you are saying Elyos won just because @Hime and @Gideon conected as Elyos characters that day?? really???? think first and type later!!!!, yes it was too bad that you guys got dc, this has happened to Elyos in previous sieges, it really sucks but dont blame any of the NC staff when they dont have any control over the servers, besides is not like you didnt have any change to come back as the points were going from one side to another really fast and still had enough time to take more points and change the situation in your favor.
  9. Faction disbalance?

    if you join to a fast queue ally its almos 100% you are gonna lose, If you join to pre-made alliance or make your own, your victory percentage increases considerably or at least you can get the points necessary to get the quest item.
  10. What about a new server? (español: un nuevo server?)

    Castellano/Spanish: Para dar una respuesta concreta, no, si recordamos lo que paso con el servidor Beritra en donde en vez de beneficiar al juego y a la comunidad, lo perjudicó (que hubo causas externas que ayudaron a eso) y el abrir otro servidor ahora no creo que vaya a haber un resultado a lo que ya se ha visto, entiendo lo que dices de los problemas del ping, conozco a varias personas que son de Argentina, Uruguay y Perú, y todos tienen ese mismo problema. Además de que yo recuerde NCWest jamás se ha visto interesado en tener un servidor fuera del territorio norteamericano, tal vez me equivoque ya que yo soy generación 3.7 y para aquel entonces Gameforge ya se encargaba de los jugadores Europeos, pero en fin, ahorita la situación de NA Aion no esta como para tener otro servidor, esperemos que las cosas mejoren y que en un futuro se puedan tener mas servidores (y por ende mas jugadores) y por que no, un servidor para latinos. Ingles/English: To give a concrete answer, no, if we remember what happened with the Beritra server where instead of benefiting the game and the community, it didnt (that there were external causes that helped that) and opening another server now I do not think that there will be a different result to what has already been seen, I understand what you say about the ping problems, I know several people who are from Argentina, Uruguay and Peru, and they all have that same problem. Besides I remember correctly NCWest has never been interested in having a server outside the US, maybe I'm wrong since I'm a 3.7 generation and by then Gameforge was already in charge of the European players, but anyway, is not a good momento to have another server in NA Aion, hopefully things will improve and in the future we can have more servers (and therefore more players) and why not, a server for the latin people.
  11. Congratuations

    I honestly do not understand what you are showing, but with what other people are saying, I assume that this person is hacking. Now that being said, this is not the place to make direct accusations of this nature, for that go to support and send a ticket attaching for that, go to support and send a ticket attaching something much more reliable than that image, like the video that @Juvy-KT posted.
  12. Stream for skins... uh I mean "5.8"

    After all @Hime and @Gideon showed us yersterday, all i can say is, I WHANT THAT MOTION NOW!!!!!

    its really funny to see you are quiting this game for all the hackers and you still inviting us, the ones who still enjoy this game, to leave this game or to start hacking. I'm just going to give you a little information that you probably do not know yet, all online games have hacker problems, it's not a problem exclusively of Aion or NCWest.
  14. Fire form Fail - Arena

    why should i do something like that?? its what they think, its their oppinion and i respect that, if any other player have the option to use the elemental forms and dont use it, its their choice not to as it is to use it. The game is far form being perfect but even so, if it is something i can use then im gonna use it, and not gonna stop to think if the other player is lvl 75 or not. Edit; And dont worry, the elemental forms will be removed in the 6.0
  15. Fire form Fail - Arena

    I saw the full video later before i did my previous post and couldnt edit it any more, i just saw the moment the ranger did the fire form and went to the end of the video to see the result of the match, so yeah that was stupid of me. And to answer the question of @5s25C407-DN, i got to that conclusion what most people say here in the forum, the talks I've had with friends in the game, and what most people say to me when i go out the chaos/glory and use my fire or any other form to win the match.
  16. Fire form Fail - Arena

    The fact that you can not use something because it is not socially accepted is stupid. Countless times I have been called noob because I have used wintry armor in arenas, duels or open world pvp, to use a skill is part of a strategy, and that includes the elemental forms, if you can use it but dont want to, its your decision, to use those skills doenst make you a noob or an op, just someone who wants to win the fight. besides, is not like you can see the lvl of your opponent in the arena, so in this case, the ranger had no way to know @Crocodile-KT still lvl 74 and probably use the fire form to win over a tough contender.
  17. Iluma and Norsvold removed

    if that information is true, how is it that people lvlo up from levels 10 to 30?? As for the other maps, at least I will not miss illuma and norsvold.
  18. Excedeu o limite de Chars

  19. aioncodex.com introduction (ex aiondatabase.net)

    aioncodex.com got it, just updated my brower favorites.
  20. Cyan is there any plan preparation for Aion 6.0 ?

    Let them worry first about the problems that 5.8 will bring and how their are gonna have to solve them, and once they make the announcement of the 6.0 you can ask them all the questions you have, ok??

    Oh boy!! and I thought I was the bitter one every time I made pvp against him.
  22. SM vs Sorc

    a fear that last 11-18 seconds?? really??? its pretty clear you have no idea what sorcs can do, get your self one, gear it and learn how to pvp with it
  23. SM vs Sorc

    Doesnt matter how many fears your sm have, use silence during your first fear combo and you will be asleep at the end of your second fear combo, dont do it and you will be asleep at the of the first one, doesnt matter, you wont be able to use your third fear combo at that moment. and once again, the idea of using those skills is to cc you, to make you waste time, time you are gonna need to use all your dots skills. that 1 second you will use to remove what ever skill i have used, 1 second you will no longer have.
  24. SM vs Sorc

    if you think you can kill a sorc using two fears (fear, dot, dot, fear, dot dot dot) you are complety wrong, they really must be undergeard or two or three lvls lower than the sm. If the sm didnt use their silence skill i still can use slumberswept wind to sleep them and ill just have to w8 for the few seconds left for the silence skill to run off and while that happen i can use abyss pots and regular pots. I just need to use my stamina absortion in sm pet to fill my hp at least 3/4 of my total hp while a gladiator need more than one mob to fill up their hp. so its LOL to you the idea of using abzolute zero at the beginning of the duel is for the SM to waste their remove shock and time, if any sorc wants to use another skill while the effect is on, its LMAOL to them. what you said about animations, same thing happens to the sorc skill animations, so before the animation ends the sm would be already rooted, moving slowly, frozen, and if i used magic assist and vaizel wisdom before the duel start i can put the sm to sleep because sleeping storm would hava a cast of less than a second, practically instantane.
  25. SM vs Sorc

    Spiritmaster skills hae animation too, even if they are instant, and dont forget i still can use your summon to heal me, so good bye all the damage you have done to me, dont talk like the sm are better class than sorcs which they are not, and sorcs are not better than sm, as i said before its all about which player is more skilled. edit: sorry if than sounded im angry, but im not, its just i have a different oppinion than yours