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  1. can't log in

  2. Water texture on Integrated Graphics

    Try to switch your graphics engine to default and see if it works
  3. Sorc Gear Questions

    I wouldnt recomend you socket only Knowledge or Magic boost to your pvp gear, although is nice to see the damage you do with skills as Aetherflame, Glacial Shard, etc... those skills takes time to cast, giving enough time to your opponent to interrupt your cast, so you need to be able to sleep or root them, and if they have a magic resist gear that would be really hard to achive. What you should achieve is to have a good balance between magic boost (Knowledge) and magic accuracy (Precision), and option you could use depending on the kinha you have is composite manastones such as Mb/Mac lvl 60 or lvl 70 in all your gear or Knowledge on 3 parts of your gear and precision on the other 3 parts and why not, a combination of knowledge/precision and mb/mac manastones, it all depends on the stats you want to reach. And for pve its ok to socket only knowledge or magic boost manastones, but it wouldnt hurt to add a little of magic accuracy to the pve gear
  4. New Server Name Suggestions

    Atreia and Panesterra
  5. New Server Name Suggestions

    I cant think of any other names than Ereshkigal (Er) and Sieritra (Si)
  6. Where are the campaign quests?

    Alot of the campaing quests changed, some turned into important quests and others into normal, at least in the Elyo side, i think it should be the same thing with the Asmodians
  7. Farm in 5.6

    There are a few quests in reshanta will give you AC when you finish them, also if you run Fissure of Oblivion, 3 fat mobs will give you 1 bag each with AC
  8. Wonder Girls?

  9. Welcome to the New Aion Forums

    OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!! it was not a rumor, it really has happened!!!!!