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  1. Quiting game

    the worst part about those twinks was the trashtalk, they made fun of me they could kill me really easy, and at that time, didnt know what a twink was, i though they were low players like me, who were lvling and just wanted to do a little pvp. That really made me hate asmos for a long time that i started to call them assmoles
  2. Quiting game

    OMG!!! @Aly-DN why didnt you do that in Siel??? to finish the quests in that area for me was a nightmare thanks to the twinks
  3. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    Para ellos es también un nombre, y en el refrán, tienen uno similar, lo que para nosotros es "la esperanza muere al ultimo" para ellos es "hope dies last"
  4. [Daily] Headache

    I do remember that something like that happened, but not the name of who did all that, or even if it was the same person, but I think that happened between 4.0 and 4.8, when we were still being Siel
  5. [Daily] Headache

    im goin to tell a friend, to have at least one char lvl 10 in DN-A, the other day we were talking how boring the drama in KT-E has been lately or worse, no drama at all. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE ELYOS IN KATALAM LATELY?? DID THEY GREW UP??? WHERE ARE THE IMMATURE PEOPLE?? its boring to read the lfg while im not doing pvp or farming
  6. [Daily] Headache

    I have to start loging on Danaria, it seems the drama you guys have is more often than Katalam.
  7. [Daily] Headache

  8. Quiting game

    When I see things like that, it is difficult for me to treat people equally regardless of their gender and to think that it is
  9. Quiting game

    Im sorry, but if what you are saying is true, then you have never play Aion, and you just like to hangout in the forums
  10. Quiting game

    I have to admit, that has happened to me in more than one....hundred times
  11. Quiting game

    because she can no longer do this
  12. Quiting game

    and who are you??
  13. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    I have no idea what are you talking about
  14. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    Thats it, i have to download BnS and see for myself how good the plot is
  15. Quiting game

    EK was doomed before the server went live, most of us knew that this would happen knowing what happened with BR, and we mentioned it several times in the forum. Unfortunately, new players have to suffer the consequences of server merge however this announcement wasnt something that came out of the blue on a Tuesday night to be executed on Wednesday, NC gave them a full month in advance so that the players will prepare themselves and thus they will not take them for surprise, to have an idea that from now on, things would be hard, to compete for the fort, the arti, etc.. that from now on, they would not only have to hunt Elyos but they would be hunted too.
  16. Quiting game

    i am obiously joking. or maybe not?
  17. Quiting game

    @pena-EK already figured it out, KT-E have GM on their side
  18. Craftable 4k DP Jelly

    Empyrean fire was the only good dp skill that we had, and NC had to remove it
  19. Server Down

    we are not joking, i really want that box as compensation.
  20. Server Down

  21. Server Down

    I wasnt in an instance, i was just crafting weapons to break and have Fighting Spirit Fragment, so i dont ask a lot for compensation, just a [Event] Legendary Transformation Contract Selection Box (10 types)
  22. Returning cleric needs some help

    For pve is pretty much what you just said, just try not to go to Frozen Monolith or Bastion of Souls with the pve lvl 75 gear, you wont have enough defence and hp to survive the bosses, so try to get the gear from CoE and Mirash sanctum first. And for pvp, yes, its better for you to start getting enchant stones and save them once the 7.0 goes live in NA and as for manastones, i dont really know what are clerics are using for pvp, but my guess is Magic attack stones as some clerics hit really hard as a nuke class. And as for minions, any minion grad A is fine, but i think Viola and Sheba are the best, Viola has a skill that reduces your casting time by 20% for a few seconds, and Sheba has a skill that increas you PvP and PvE stats for a few seconds.
  23. Even if we had enough population to have a classic server with time it would be destined to failure, and simply for a reason, people always want to have new content, I just put this example, as soon as the EU published the date they will release the 7.0 the people in NA started asking what date we would have it. We can also search in google for private servers with different versions of Aion, and choose the version that we liked the most and with the largest number of players that say they have, and in which I have come to enter, I have found a population much smaller than this one. I know very well that if we had always stayed in 4.0 (the version that I liked the most) a long time ago I would have left Aion because in the end I would have ended up bored for not having new contend.
  24. Housing Intentions

    so far, the only advantage of having a mansion or above is to have no SS.
  25. Desperate call for moderators and change for economy

    my apologies if i didnt explain myself well, what was said in commander chat, and what was shouted didnt bother me, In fact, my reaction to reading that drama was to laugh a little, entertain myself while reading it, and then disconnect and go to sleep. I just wanted to explain why it was that Arkaida opened this topic and typed all that in caps.