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  1. Demaha Siege

    yeah, it was strage that the kisks didnt dissapear when the siege started.
  2. So I assume it's just cause I'm intoxicated

    well, i just use the 60 minutes ticket in my vandal and it was gone when i finished doing the changes i wanted.
  3. ATTN Devs: Prize Item Previews

    @Vantheria-DN Where can i get the Laughing one?? the one i see in one of the shugo robots is blow bubbles emotion,Playing Dead, Cute Dance and Swing Dance but not the Laughing one.
  4. @cyan @gideon

  5. @Forgotten-DN Go to Style -> Costume you will see two boxes, one of them is free
  6. we have a free gear from the BCM, one box per account
  7. Explain yourself 'Valiant'....

    @Vantheria-DN he revealed our evil plans to fill the server with bots
  8. Explain yourself 'Valiant'....

    If you're going to report someone to bot, or an entire legion, first investigate well before posting and make yourself look like a damn fool this is the screenshot you take and you will see the name and if you see the name that i marked in a red circle, is not a member of Valian (with an L)
  9. Vandal Stigmas

    I have been trying several convinations for pvp, for the moment I have been using this one. Stigma And for pve i use this Stigma
  10. Warning - Before You Accept the Vandal Pack!

    @Vantheria-DN You can try to register the items in the luna wardrobe (if you have space) then see if you can use the skins on any gear.
  11. 10th anniversary vending machine is a waste

    i got 10 stelliums, lucky me
  12. 10th anniversary vending machine is a waste

    What i would like to know, for how long this anniversary event is going to last, with out that, we really need to think what kind of rewards to get from this event.
  13. I know what they did, they solved the EC problem, you cant be kicked now, why?? because you cant go in, and if you cant go in, you cant be kicked
  14. At least, the alliance leader should have the courtecy of asking who wants to be kicked not just doing it right away, It's really annoying that someone is kicking you when you just want to have a peaceful and normal run.
  15. Buying BCM ingame broken?

  16. Buying BCM ingame broken?

    besides, its weekend, support takes a little longer tu reply
  17. If you don't want people to post stupid comments, then don't open stupid topics. If yo dont like how gunners are now, the rerol vandal, and if you dont like my comment, then you can use any hole your body has and do what ever you like with it.
  18. 12 character slots

    if you had al slots used, you will be able to use your chars normally, but if you delete one of them, you wont be able to create another char until you buy another prestige pack or have only 7 chars in that account. Thats what they said on the stream.
  19. My sincere Congratulations

    This really deserves a standing ovation, this decision led to a new level of disappointment

    With the current situation, does it really matter?? it is something that NC will nyerk us up.