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  1. Starting now. Should I wait for 7.0 to get gear?

    does this work also for the ultimate winged champion gear??
  2. Aethertech daevonian silence bug?

    In pvp, the duration of the sleeps and silences of a sorc, have a shorter duration than what is in the description of the skill, but in pve if it lasts exactly what the description says, I do not know if it is the same case in the Aethertech, but in the sorc this is how they work
  3. What a Shame

    dont forget that NC removed Boon of Clairvoyance, our first defence vs a Ranger.
  4. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    but the problem is with your, not the instance, people simply go in to get what they are looking for, those who want only the stones, get the ones they can get, either one, two or all, and then leave or stay afk if they need the ap, and if this happens in your groups, make sure it's a group that does all the run and not just parts of it. and with what you say about harmony and discipline, it's a completely different problem, because here their acctions affect a third person (something that does not happen in dredge) who went in just to find out there is no opponent and get no reward of what should be a victory by default. The solution to this problem is in your hands, and if you do not see it that way, then you already have two problems to solve. Greatings and have a nice day
  5. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    After reading the posts, I only have one question, if it stresses you that the players keep doing what you dont want them to do, why do you keep going to the dredge? dont go and have a happy game.
  6. Vote 20 skin candinates into GST

    @Cyan Would be nice to have the Primal Spirit gear and Forgotten Abyssal gear back Also these two sets Katalium An this one, i cant remember the name, but is the best skin this game has ever had.
  7. Enchantment stone bags in Dredge

    instead of removing the enchant stone bags, why not to add one more?? the group who kills the captain get another one, that way IF both groups are active, can have an extra bag.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    For the people like me who dont use the Presgite Pack, where were can we get the Transformation Essences?
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    @Cyan We can buy only 3 gold ingots and not 5 as it showed in the store.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    Hey @Cyan L2 and BnS have a new launcher, is there any plans for us to have it soon??
  11. sm

    The one being stupid is you You can literally end up with a sm in less than 3 seconds by simply using shadow walk and ambush adn you are complaining because the SM can use the fear skill on you just to counter attack you Next time you see a SM, use one of your hide skills, get close to it and ask them nicely not to use the fear skill on you because is not fair.
  12. sm

    I have never understood this way of thinking with respect to the skills of the other classe, such as the SM's fear, that is a big advantage for them in pvp, of course it is, just like hide is for sins and rangers, or the ability of clerics chanters to be able to heal themselves, Each class has something that gives them an advantage over others, you just have to learn how to minimize that advantage and maximize yours.
  13. Glitch? Bug? Exploit?

    Probably he got the 3 extras slots when he enchanted it to +15 while the item was Ancient or Legendary, and once its upgraded, , the 3 extra slots remained in the new item. But it's just a speculation, and everything we say is going to be just that while a GM does not explain us how he could get that item with 6 slots.
  14. About the Steel Rake Fortress event...

    These are the shugos who need to be rescued First miniboss Sunanerk Geumtrunerk Gigoonerk Second miniboss Huadoranerk Moksunerk Todonrinerk Third miniboss Cheondaninerk Hedarunerk Myungdanrunerk Gomgunerk Everytime I have gone to the instance, the names are always the same (at least for me), so dont waste time reading the list, kill the minibosses and start rescuing thos poor shugos.
  15. Server upgrade & name reset

    Simply for having created a character in EK you were given 50x Transformation Contract (62 Types), 1x Ancient Transformation Contract (18 Types), 1x 30-day Prestige Pass, 1x Daevanion Skill Box (10 Types), 10x Legendary PvE Enchantment Stones, 10x Legendary PvP Enchantment Stones, 3x Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stones, 3x Ultimate PvP Enchantment Stones, 5x Stigma Enchantment Stones, 250,000,000 Kinah, 250 Gold Ingots and 4,000 Luna. Really, just
  16. My apologize for not believing you, but that's exactly what Hime told us before 6.0, and voilá!!
  17. Glitch? Bug? Exploit?

    This glitch also include the 4th manastone socketed?? if not, shouldnt we be able to see only 3 manastones instead of 4??
  18. Stop Levitating

    That is a motion, you just need to change it back to the default motion Go to profile, select the motion tab, and on the list select default on everything.
  19. Fix the Engine please

    Do you have any clear evidence to support your accusation? like a video??? coming here, without any clear evidence can harm you, since you would only be defaming a player. And besides, I do not know if you've noticed this, but Sorcs and SM are the only classes that do not have some kind of skill that increase their movement speed, and sins have a passive skill that increase their speed 20%, and i might be wrong, but i think Vanz has a legendary transformation, so i think it doenst matter if you have kaisinel transformation, Sins will always move faster than you.
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 29, 2019

    shugo dislike
  21. I see that you like to exaggerate numbers, but it's okay, the asmos take 10 alts to the sieges while the elyos dont. And with respect to the 4 leagues that we got to have inside the fort, didnt you think we were waiting for the xforms to get in and tying to kill the guards at the beggining of the siege and wipe them out?? once when that was done, the rest of the siege was easy, the greatest number of asmos attack on your side of the fort, several in the center and some on our side of the fort, so we just have to move between those areas to kill asmos. I used the same magic you used to see a ration 3:1. I dont know the numbers EK had, but i do know the numbers in Katalam, the last time I saw that both factions organized a siege, it was precisely the first siege to lakrum, and both factions had one full league and the half of another one, we reach had almost 310 people while asmodians had almost 290, a difference of about 20 people. And at the end of that siege someone said good job asmodians, we lost because they were more. The way both factions in katalam are doing siege and using the xforms at the beginning just to go inside the fort and kill the guards to have extra gp will never help the faction to win the fort,is a completly waste of xform, nobody will win the fort unless the attacking faction has a lvl 5 buff.
  22. i just google super cheese
  23. what argument?? it was just a friendly discussion (and i mean it) of something i said and super cheese came to the rescue because Arhangelos is sleeping
  24. I know what he said, but if you read it again he said we (Elyos) are not longer 3:1 and that for me, means that previously we were, but not anymore. Anyway that right now doesnt matter anymore, because the way both factions in katalam are doing siege and using the xforms at the beginning, nobody will win the fort unless they have a very high lvl buff, no matter the numbers each faction has.
  25. No, he said 3 to 1, this means for every asmo doing siege, we were 3 elyos, if they were 10, we were 30, etc.. etc.. We never had that big difference in ration (before servers consolidation), not even 2 to 1 but if some Asmodians went afk as soon as they had enough contribution for GP it wasnt Elyos fault, and same goes the other way arround if Asmodians are defending, is not their fault if Elyos goes afk as happened last siege.