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  1. 8 minutes ago, Unskilled-KT said:

    What is Enchant-O-Rama? Based on google search, it happened Jan 2017.

    maybe im wrong, but i think is where we have to buy a box in an npc, we choose what kind of item we want ( weapon or gear ) and we have to enchant it, and if at the end of the event the item is +15 we keep it, if not, we lose it.

  2. Also the stats have been reworked, as a sorc you will no longer need magic boost, you will have to focus on magic attack (for pvp) and magic crit spell (pve), magic accurracy is not really important to how it used to be, you will only need to add a some M.Acc in your pve gear as some end game bosses will resist your attack, but nothing to worry about. Also if you remember, Orbs and Spellbooks use to have diferent stats, orbs used to have more magic boost than spellbooks and spellbooks used to have more m.acc than orbs, now both weapons have the same stats so now it's just what weapon you like to use the most.

    Welcome back and have fun

  3. 1 hour ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    But if you remember correctly, we had a similar never-ending thread that she started back in Daeva Dash event because she was mad that when she would afk, the enemy team would get 6 keys while she would get 3 because the enemy team bothered to go to the 1st fence, and even if she also bothered, the enemies were faster than her so she still got the losing rewards. She argued that to get 6 keys you had to finish the race even though we kept explaining to her that the team that has most points is the one that "wins", because this is how THAT specific instance was made. And in every post she kept twisting what we said, added her own interpretation and her own logic of how it should have been more fair or something.

    He plea here is that she wants to totally afk and still get every reward possible in the game. It sounds as if she has like 10000 alts and she begs to make sure they can all get geared or something just by afking.

    Ele has alwasy being like that, where he thinks that just because its him, he should have the best rewards just because, regardless of everything or everyone else. Although we have told im, or given advice on what he can or could do to improve, but now, his way is the only way and all of us are wrong.



  4. 9 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    Ignore what? Queueing in a quick entry instance and caring about afkers getting rewards? 


    AFking in empty arena .. full reward

    playing in a losing game NOT AFKING = nothing


    Still can't figure out the difference?


    AND LOL AT sucking... no. You should tell that to the ones who needs to play a specific class.


  5. 12 minutes ago, Matsukamy-KT said:

    According to your own logic, this was a quick queue, so you should expect only 1% chance of winning, therefore, according to you, you should get 0 prize anyway, getting 10k points or not.


    34 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    So, put effort in to something and still lose is still considering afking.

    Thats your problem for quick queuing and playing right?


    keep ignoring what people are trying to tell you, i hope that works for you in your future instances runs



  6. 18 minutes ago, Matsukamy-KT said:

    So, lets look at the logic here.

    You agree that pug is 99% chance of defeat, at the same time you think that is the optimal choice for the game is to have no reward for the losing team ? 

    I'm going to put it this way

    the other day, i was in my vandal and joined to a quick queue for Kamar because there were no people forming lfg and the window was about to close in a few minutes so there was no time for me to start makin one, i got in and the fight started, it turned out it was a pug vs a pug and in my ally it was only me who was active, while the opposite group had over 6 members active, i started to tell to my ally to help me to get at least 10k points because i needed the stigma, my vandal doesnt have all stigmas yet, but none of them did, even someone told me to stop spaming because they went to kamar just for the entium, do you think that is fair for people with 0 effort gets something?


  7. 20 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    So, making a premade group is not afking right? and if not afking we get nothing. logic? in the mean time,afk 3 empty arenas for 60 fragments....is perfectly fine.



    im going to try to explain this as simple as possible ok?? joining to a quick queue group ( or pug as some people call it) is 99% you will lose, the only way a pug will have a chance to win is if the opposite group is also a pug and the group who will win is the one that has more active members (not afking).


    In my oppinion the losing team should never ever be rewarded, even if it was a premade vs a premade, why?? because is the only way people will stop afkin in those instances, and if for some reason your premade group loses, learn to make adjustments in the group so that next time you can get the victory, thats what the most of us do, something is not working?? we make some adjustment.

  8. 1 hour ago, Cyan said:

    We're going to be bringing the servers down today briefly to make this adjustment. It was intended to be per character.


    17 hours ago, Pita-EK said:

    @Cyan what about ppl that are abusing luna entry to farm GP

    using luna entries to get luna is an abuse?? howcome?? is part of the system that allows you to go in the instance, get the reward and craft the luna, i do that with all my chars so i can get luna materials in my main char and craft an Ancient transformation scroll, i dont she howcome doing that could be an abuse.

  9. 15 hours ago, 1s1F029D-KT said:

    Do you guys think we could get a black hole event like Fortnite? Except instead of starting a new season like they did, just leave the servers down for good. I wouldn't mind spending some BC coins on an awesome event like that!


  10. I have know people who make kinah not by farming and selling crafting materials, or crafted gear, etc. etc. those people have told me the make kinah by working the broker, and that means waiting for someone to put an item with a low price on sale in the broker, buy it, and so put it on sale again at a higher price.

  11. 11 minutes ago, Cyan said:
    • Kamar Battlefield, Idgel Dome, and Illumiel Brawl will now provide Fighting Spirit Fragments to the winning team.
    • Added a new morph recipe to package Fighting Spirit Fragments so they can be sold on the broker or passed through the account warehouse.