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  1. I genuinely do not understand how NCSoft can time and time again fail to deliver on events. Griffon was bad, this one went to hell. I wonder what it's like to be employed at NCWest and have to view these forums and see the blunder time and time again.
  2. It's cute that you see this as eager desire and not flat out frustration. @WaceMindu is watching so I'll be kind enough to say that I think you should read the posts here more and you will see there isn't eagerness.
  3. I can tell you haven't played this game back when it came out as can anyone else, p2w was always embedded in aion even if you were too young to see it
  4. Aion Classic for the West was an exit scam all to begin with. Between the overpriced daeva pass with a "subscription" based model you got absolutely very little. Siel's Aura advertises as 100% experience when in reality you get 100% of the normal exp rates. This was one of the first things I saw players realize as they play this game. It's clear from a software point that they did something completely opposite of blizzard and instead of trying to port over the old game onto a new tech stack, they hired whoever they could to front a higher initial cost to get the game playable on the olde
  5. The reporting that I have done alongside my friends have been through the actual ticket system https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new here which is what makes Kibbelz post way more crazy than it should be.
  6. You have to actually be joking. That or you are being lied or misguided to. I have seen so many bots farming in Beluslan, Morheim, Eltnen, and Heiron for weeks on end and I and several other people have verifiably reported these people alongside hackers with video proof and you tell me that there are no outstanding reports of bots? What kind of ineffectiveness is the support team doing if this is true? If we are seeing a consistent and heavy stream of bots mindlessly grinding that are being reported and they are still here then what is the root cause of this happening? It seems to me there is
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