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  1. What a Shame

    I will watch that video. I am not saying the glad couldn't kill the sorc but he should have called it a day after dying so much. It was just so hilarious he kept going after him and kept dying. Honestly sorc is one of the very few classes in this game that I can watch pvp videos of. I am also subscribed to that sorc you linked. His name is bombstriker and he was the number 1 ranked korean sorc. I have watched his videos since 5.8. I thought si jeon was a gunner main because the channel I watched his videos off of he was playing mostly Gunner. There is a video of him play AT as well. I can agree with this. I have watched videos and heard koreans opinions about classes in 7.0 and out came that video. I watched it and was so confused. He has cleric in between the 2 classes that destroy it. Cleric can't kill Chanter anymore unless they misplay. Cleric can't beat Sw. Sorc kills Cleric. He has glad at C, Ranger at A. I'd put Ranger at C honestly. SM at A (which is probably the only one I agree with. A or S) and he has SW at B. He also has sorc by itself. I think the list is much more consolidated than he has it. I find it funny everyone is now using that video as the Aion class bible. If you have ever watched the movie Moses every time someone links that video it reminds me of the part when Moses comes down from the mountain and throws the ten commandments at the people.
  2. Well of course they don't care.. I mean seriously what gave you an idea that currently they care about anything else that's not money. Look at this so called anniversary event. It's the 10th Anniversary and you can't reap full benefits without having prestige. Imaging having to stay online for 3 hrs to get 3 coins to get 1 million kinah. The other rewards are recycled items from every event we have had since we got 6.2. Specially every event where f2p players could participate They aren't even good. What a message to all of your consumers. "Hey thank you for keeping this game alive for 10 years but if you're not giving us money you don't mean that much to us". Honestly this is the worst anniversary event we have ever had.
  3. I don't want to be that person who steals candy from babies but I am honestly asking if people expected the anniversary event to be good because we have 2 p2w events on right now with the shugo event being extreme p2w. Watched a streamer spend god knows how much last night and only needed the king card. Logically they aren't going to give a 3rd event that nullifies the other 2 or in this case nullifies the shugo event. Anyway Happy Anniversary to all and also everyone have a great weekend!
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    This is the punishment for all the people who abused the EC bug. You get to make back all the money and extra, Ncsoft lost during that debacle.. I can hear the credit cards coming out of the wallets all now. Lol
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    Is this a before maintenance and after maintenance screenshot?? If it is, the second photo is the un-nerfed version of that transformation's stats. I went to confirm it by going to powerbook https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Transformation/982040
  6. @Cyan

    I am not going to be back on the forums for a while but I had to log in to comment on this thread... 10/10 delivers.. More drama, more surprises than any soap opera I've seen. Thread went from "I keep getting kicked from EC" to "Let's get Germ banned" to "You abuse the EC bug as well here's screenshot proof" to "Here' s bunch of hackers since I got exposed" to "Tons of rubbish talk and more screenshots". Only thing this top this off would be Ncsoft knew this would happen so they can ban or punish the abusers thus making them quit, leaving NA with even less of a population and then announcing closure of NA because of the low population.
  7. What a Shame

    That video was hilarious. If I were that glad I would have not bothered chasing him to get destroyed each time. I found a video of 7.0 sorc pvp. I forgot about this guy. I think he mains gunner? I can't remember. There's other 7.0 sorc pvp videos on this same youtube channel.
  8. What a Shame

    Those videos are for Wasa to watch because he said he enjoyed the one I linked..
  9. What a Shame

  10. Thank you Ncsoft

    So let me get this straight. The rng of the drops for this event are not that good. I have done instances on my cleric and have only gotten lead fragments. 2 of my 11 toons have only gotten "decent" rewards for 2 days and the rest of the days it has been mostly 1 coin from both big and small chests and you're stating the coins were supposed to be untradeable from the very beginning which makes this event utter garbage. I thought Gideon said on the 7.0 update preview stream they "heard" us and events are going to be more rewarding? This is probably my fault for misunderstanding "who" events were supposed to be rewarding to. This isn't what rewarding actually means.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    I would like some people to stop assuming everyone has an alt army. I don't have an alt army. I have only 11 toons and still was only able to upgrade one piece of my cleric's armor due to the number of coins that you get in the chests and that was 6 days into this event. Out of my 11 toons 2 have gotten "decent" rewards in 2 days of this event and the rest of the other days have gotten nothing but 1 coin maybe 3 every other day from both the small and big chests. If the coins were not tradeable from the start the forums would have been flooded because the event would be rubbish. Honestly even now it is a bit trashy because you have to sell your coins on the broker with those horrible fees and then buy the coins on your main and the amount of coins you get from the chests. There are some p2w people already in full +15 tier 2 gear and this patch hasn't been out long. Over 90% if the events so far since 6.0+ patches came out have been throw your credit card at your monitor and you get rewards from it. Instead of nerfing this event more how about you re-access how you guys make money. How about making the game playable by everyone and maybe they will be grateful and become a paying customer along with the people who already pay thus making you earn more income?
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    Say what now??? I have been doing this event since last Wednesday and so far only have gotten coins on my main toon and not a lot and now you are saying that they weren't supposed to be able to be sold on the broker?? Am I reading this correctly?? This event just went from meh to absolutely terrible.
  13. What a Shame

    Looking through all my posts to see where exactly the word "easily" was typed by me. Yes you are inferring. I didn't state anything. At this point it seems you are arguing for the sake of arguing. Now you are saying in 7.0 1 vs 1 where they are videos of sorcs 100-0 some classes in korean videos and even EU. I posted a video with a sorc dueling the class with the most defenses and highest hp pool. 3 times the sorc 100-0 the temp without losing hp. Now you're conveniently stating " to clarify without requiring Kaisnel". "Name a class" you keep saying. On equal footing logic dictates the same situations will happen because of rng. Ancient versus ancient same gear it can happen. I am not going to keep logging back into the forums when it seems you are literally arguing for argument sake. I have an early morning. Have a great week.
  14. What a Shame

    @Rapier-DN This was just posted on Youtube. watch his second duel against the sorc. I am now watching the full video.
  15. What a Shame

    When you replied to my post you were under the assumption that I have never mained or played a sorc. Is that correct or incorrect? You were basically implying everything I was saying were assumptions not based on knowledge gained from playing the class or you wouldn't have stated that "You don't main sorc". You also seem to have glossed over when I stated I still play that toon up to today. You don't have to play a class to know what it does if you have fought against it many times. Every class in this game has basically the same rotations and game plan. Sorc game plan has not changed. CC, bury, nuke. The only difference between good sorcs and other sorcs is decision making. As Matsukamy-KT has stated you can also kill people especially if their remove shock is gone. He posted a video. If you'd like more proof do what I do I Youtube "Aion sorc pvp". You can Youtube "Itami Aion" on Youtube and he has pvp videos of sorcs doing exactly what I told you I am confused with the "dodging". What am I dodging? Your first time stamp Matsukamy-KT. You said 0:44 right? That's the beginning on the stream. I didn't watch the whole video but I saw the cleric fight and there's one where he fought a glad, killed him twice with no deaths and the glad peaced out. Did you mean that one?
  16. What a Shame

    I was waiting for someone to use the doesn't main a sorc as a basis for an argument. I use to main SM first when I started playing Aion. After my first server went down the drain due to faction imbalances I created and mained a sorc for 5 years on Israphel. This is the only picture I have saved from when I started sorc. I still have the only DLR mythical tome that was on Israphel in my warehouse to this day. I only had one set. I didn't have a MA set and still killed clerics in full MR. No I am bragging or even saying I was a good sorc but I do know what I am talking about. I also still have that sorc and occasionally pop on him because I like the class still. My only set was also EC arena gear. Why are you so angry? I
  17. What a Shame

    I had a conversation with Arotta on his stream about this a while back. I think sorc is still very good. If still does what it needs to and has a position in groups if the person knows who to cc and when. A sorc can still very much 100-0 most classes. Pre magic suppression days was where sorc shined because of damage and it usually only took 1 rotation to kill everyone and was the only class that could basically not have to use a magical accuracy set because of supplication of focus. Now though with some classes that has changed due to hp etc. A glad has so many resists now and templars are now tanky and also have a lot of burst making those match ups a little harder for them now. My problem with sorc is if someone new came to the game and asked me which of the cloth classes I would recommend I would tell them a sm or sw. If I had to choose again it would be a sw. Why choose something that is a bit harder to use when you can play something easier with the same returns? The difference between say sw and sorc is a sw has more room for error and has a good chance of countering it's bad match ups because of it's utilities. Heals, cc and nukes. Plus now the damage is off the chain for a lot of classes so sorc shines a little less. I think they should give back some of that burst to sorc because it was advertised as basically a "glass cannon" class. Never thought I'd see the day when the "wall.e" class would have higher bursts than a sorc and a class that mutates you into an animal and forces you to dance like you were staring in a 1980s Michael Jackson music video.

    Will you all make up your minds.. A lot of people in this thread are stating "Cleric can't be killed!". "Clerics in korea don't die 1 vs 1!!". I linked 2 videos of a top rated cleric not only dying but one is of him dying to a class people say can't kill a cleric. Now it's "The cleric's kills were in his favor though!!". I swear NA.. Like the complaint back in 3.0 that if you used glacial shard you were bad. Then it was if you are fear you are bad. Now it's cleric is op. Meanwhile in korea Spiritmasters feared the hell out of people, most of them don't even have cleric in their top classes, they flamed people for playing Songweaver and Painter.
  19. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    I remember that day/night so well because 4.0 was my favorite patch. I remember people kept spamming the forums asking what is going on and when servers were going to be online. It was so hilarious. When servers finally went live it was after 12 am for me. I think near 1 am and I logged in, went to the entrance of the new city in Katalam and started seeing the names of various asmos and elyos ranking people dying constantly lol. It was a slaughter.
  20. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    I remember 4.0's launch.. When the servers finally went online it was after 12 am my time.. Lmao

    This one he loses to a gunner and 2 sms. Or maybe it was the same sm. This is one of the streams he loses to a glad. He has more but I can't go through them all to find them. These things are so freaking long. I might try to find one more.. M I G H T.. There was one where the glad shreked him so hard he was silent after. It was hilarious.
  22. Scheduled Game Update - August 21, 2019

    Don't mind me.. I am just here waiting to see the comments about where the patch notes are and people posting "SoonTm"..

    Um.. What are you talking about? Watch korean videos and clerics never die 1 vs 1. What and who's videos are you watching? I watch Better, Chovgeta and Jalnu a cleric. Better has videos of him against clerics and not only has he killed them, he also won the arenas. Chovgeta says Jalnu is a good cleric and if I remember correctly they are friends and Chovegta has beaten Jalnu sometimes on his spiritmaster. Go to Jalnu's videos on youtube. The very long videos contains arenas where he wins some and loses some. There's some were he lost against glads and sms. Your whole paragraph confuses me.

    Ok if we are going to play by those rules then it still wouldn't make any sense to nerf classes for different regions. Why? Ncsoft expects everyone to "work" or more accurately spend to have all the tools necessary to be end game prepared. That's why balance is done solely on what koreans complaints are. If you nerf one class because people are complaining about it because not everyone is on equal footing what happens when a scenario comes that 2 people engage in pvp who are on equal footing? You have a case now of someone realizing I just spent a lot of time and money on a class to get it to end game and now it sucks because my region said it was unfair. I also notice the classes complaining about it also have tools people who also consider unfair. Like AT complaining about Clerics when their damage is plain bonkers this patch and resists. There was even a thread not too long ago with a Sin and Ranger complaining about a cloth class they counter. Where does it stop? We need a Chanter to come in this thread now and talk about how bad their class is.

    This is what I basically see are the complaints from NA. Pretty sure if they nerfed Cleric's damage even more people would still go "But their sustain is too much". What I hear is "Yes Clerics can't can't blow you in in seconds but their sustain is too high!!". Which baffles me because if their dps is nerfed and now you nerf their sustain you basically will have a target dummy class. Then no one will play Cleric and we will all be stuck in LFG waiting for the 4 people who still play Cleric to log on. I probably shouldn't judge balance from watching korean videos but they are equal on most things. Gear, ping and transformations. I watch the cleric Jalnu. I watch Better and also Chovgeta. Chovgeta even stated he thinks Spiritmaster beat Cleric since they got buffed in 7.0. None of them complain about Clerics and I have also seen them destroy Clerics but like I said they are fighting on equal terms.