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  1. THE ISSUE tl:dr at bottom Since the update, PvE has been very unrewarding and very luck dependent. The instances themselves are fine (boss mechanics, difficulty etc) but the loot is a major problem. Primeth’s Forge (PF, 6 people) and Infernal Drakenspire Depths (IDD, 12 people), the only instances that can drop PvE ultimate gear, have a CHANCE to drop said gear (I’m not sure of the exact %, but it is definitely too low). I don’t understand NC’s logic behind this, as all instances in the past always dropped something. Primeth’s Forge Me and my static group have done PF every week (4 runs, total amount is around 48 runs) and so far, there has been: 1 (!) ultimate cloth 3 ultimate leather 2 ultimate chain (the first 2 runs) 5 ultimate plate Our group composition is not the best for sure, but the drops above are plain stupid. We had to do over 20 runs for just 1 ultimate drop, how infuriating is that? What can be done? Copying off 5.1-5.3 CoE mechanics (particles dropped from bosses, traded said particles for end game gear), why can’t this be the same with PF (with untradeable particles to block abusing alts)? 1 particle for each member in the group, need 7 or so particles for pauldrons/gloves/shoes, 8 for leggings, 9 for tunic, and 10 for wings/plume/bracelet. This way, it still has that “hard work” feeling to it, while not making the person feel like they’re running to get disappointed, as they’re working towards something. Infernal Drakenspire Depths This one is MORE dumb, because there are 12 people (usually) each run, since IDD drops accessories/weapons, even with a “perfect” alliance (1 person/class, one class would have to have 2 people) 6 people will roll for a physical accessory, 6 people will roll for a magic accessory (if it drops, of course). Many people now do 6 man IDD (better chance at rolling), and my friend only has 2 IDD pieces (1 was handed to her), while she has been doing 6 man IDD for 10-15 runs. What can be done? Pre 6.0, Drakenspire Depths dropped 1 box for each person in the alliance, which either had a mythic (ultimate in 6.2) or eternal (legendary in 6.2) item, for the said persons class. Why can’t this be the same thing for IDD? Everyone gets something, and at least you won’t have to roll against your friends. tldr: PvE looting sucks right now, you can: PF: Add particles at final boss loot, 1 for each person, they trade particles for ultimate gear IDD: Old DD loot mechanic @Cyan I am expecting an answer for this
  2. Something needs to be done about PvE

    I keep telling you to read my post, but I guess you don't want to for some reason. I said only ONE (do you know that number?) out of EIGHT pieces of gear per 2 weeks, some need MORE than 2 weeks. Please, just read my post, then comment. Dude, you don't understand, I keep saying that it's EXTREMELY discouraging for a person to keep wasting 2 hours (30 min per run) of their free time per week for what? Nothing, of course. All of the people in our static except 2 people (one doesn't have any!) have only 1 piece of ultimate gear, and we've done the instance countless of times. Spending 100$ a month on ONLY runs that'll make me want to kill myself cause I wasted 100$ on nothing won't make it any better, in fact, it will make me want to quit the game since I became a whale and have gotten nothing back. How can you do 50 runs over a week (I really hope you're overexaggerating, it's literally 25+ hours of runs) and have less than a 20% chance of getting something, that who knows? will it be duplicate? will it be not for your class? will it be not for your group at ALL?
  3. Something needs to be done about PvE

    ? wtf? you're saying its okay to be dissapointed EVERY SINGLE RUN? if you actually read my post i said you can get ONE piece of gear per 2 weeks. I can't think of ANYONE who thinks like you, they absolutely need to NOT make progression harder, because if it keeps going like this, the pve population will be long gone before 6.5. I play in Korea and done those quests, it is not a easy quest mob, you have to kill over 100 mobs COUNTLESS times to get just 1 piece of LEGENDARY gear, please get your facts right
  4. Where to buy Aion t-shirts?

    Won the giveaway the day 6.2 hit (oct 24) and never got it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. NC took 3,5 months to send it (yep you read that right!) and it happened to come the day I moved places.. oh well
  5. Useless stigma please fix

    Amazing skill for sure, I use it to keep op cast speed (right after vaiziel’s wisdom) so I can have 55 seconds of very good cast
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    i do like getting an item that's worth 16k kinah
  7. Still do not have 1 legendary devanion skill

    That's the box from Clumsy shugo, the box from gold sand shop is basically the one that drops from the Great shugo ignore the price thing
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 23, 2019

    Any plans for the black eye problem? EU gave every char 1 PST with tomorrow's maint
  9. about to leave the aion :(

    I remember when I leveled my alts who had very very sad gear, ultimate atrocity did tons of damage, i think i moved to the location it wasn't casted on..
  10. New Enchanting System Changes

    Please do something for the ultimate pve stone craft, DN-E has a very VERY low amount of ult kibrium
  11. New Enchanting System Changes

  12. New Enchanting System Changes

    morphing is for all people, aetherforging requires levels
  13. New Enchanting System Changes

    less than 20k, probably what EU/KR has
  14. New Enchanting System Changes

  15. New Enchanting System Changes

    Thank you, but do you know what is the kinah price of the coin?

    Just found out you can ignore ppl here! Yay!
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    is it, or is it not more expensive than the other regions?
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    PLEASEE reduce them to the other regions price, we don't want any *1m rEdUcEmeNt*
  20. When you are that bored

    i haven't spend a single $ in this game, yet i pvp freely you literally don't make sense, you like when higher lvl people come and pvp which is literally the SAME THING if you do it in lakrum, but without annoying everyone
  21. When you are that bored

    no shit, do you realize that you're essentially halting the population of the elyos? 6.2 was supposed to get and bring back players, and even though it didn't work that well, you're still not letting people level to max, and for obvious reasons (you!) they'll stop playing the game. it's like you're trying to deliberately sabotage the game for no reason at all if that's always a plus, what's the difference of going to lakrum and pvp'ing there?
  22. When you are that bored

    when you're that bad at pvp'ing ppl the same level as you so you go to low level areas to kill elyos with 20k hp, no pvp att/defense, and very bad stats honestly don't know why you'd do that, aion's already dying, you're basically killing off new players in DN-elyos obviously you're too weak to pvp your own lvl
  23. Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

    when you archive the maintenance so no one can comment shards anymore
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    that will take approx 3 months, they're talking to the devs