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  1. damn, he's not blocked on forums for me feel like i'm on an alt because of that
  2. That’s.. Portuguese.. lol
  3. yeah, let me just swipe my wallet real quick. they both need to be made way more available, but primarily pve, 1 legend stone per primeth that 6 people need to roll on and 1 ulti on IDD that 12 need to roll on is INSANE siege is 4 times a week, ID and dredge happen almost daily. that's guaranteed 4 legend stones per week
  4. wtf? pvp stones are WAY easier to get than pve, are you serious?
  5. Don't blame this on Cyan, he's just the CM, blame the GM's for not doing anything good (other than adding contracts to instances) in the past... 2 months?
  6. and.. no shard price decrease... (or an event, the one we have now doesn't really count) edit2: weren't we supposed to get a 1 week free trial of prestige?
  7. No, with the 6.2 update, each class wears their respective armor sorc/sm/sw --> cloth only assassin/gunner/ranger --> leather only cleric/chant/AT(at is changed to plate in 7.0) --> chain only templar/glad --> plate only
  8. How nice, 1 stone! If we at least had that box the event would be considered okay
  9. Ah yes, it's not right for us to complain about shard prices that basically no one buys, cause they are MUCH more expensive than the other regions, but you know, the NA population always begs for free stuff, we should spend every single kinah we have on 1k shards! yay! We NEED to have an event that gives a lot of legendary stones, by the time 6.5 comes everyone will be out of legendary pve stones, other than the super p2w people on bcm
  10. I'm.. extremely disappointed by the event.So far, there are no drops of legendary pve stones except bcm, and now we waited 3 weeks to get a legendary stone bundle for doing quests for 8 days, so we can get it only once? (i'm assuming it'll give 3 legendary stones, which is absolutely NOTHING). Please consider giving more legendary pve stones, I can barely get to +3 on legendary gear with only ancients, since i don't have any more legendary stones. I also like how there's a bundle for 7 genesis crystals that costs more than 3 legendary pots. Nice!
  11. Yeah, but that's not in the game, yet you're still complaining of course everyone would complain about that, because that's such an absurd thing for nc to put in the game. Even nc wouldn't do that seriously, if you want to uninstall aion, go ahead, nothing is stopping you, literally 10 clicks max and it's gone
  12. Too bad sorc's other 2k dp skill isn't coming back..
  13. The gear from the campaign/quests is more than enough to level you till max (80). At level 80, you can enchant the gear from the quests or, wait to get better gear from instances (Cradle of Eternity, Mirash Sanctum), to enchant those
  14. Is there any way this can be lowered? 1k Shards for ~4m kinah is a bit too high.. Nice
  15. Idk, I think you're fine Cyan, there's been times where no one really responded to stuff but now (at least for me) everything's fine. I think of it this way: if you're not answering our questions, it's because simply there's not an answer.
  16. @Cyan , will the new 6.2 power shards be available in the Gold Sand Traders? I think every other region has them, and they're helping a lot in instances
  17. 342 and 810, idk if we're supposed to say 1 number ; ;
  18. @Cyan When do we get details for the pumpkin event?
  19. first comment in the eternal delay of 6.2
  20. Will there be an exchange from old tokens (from organizations like Fortuneers) to new ones? Like there was when Katalam was deleted
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