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  1. I'm not going to get disappointed, ill be happy since everyone, hardcore or not, has a chance to catch up on
  2. I agree, everything we get now will be exchanged so I think it's fair
  3. @Cyan Will minium from 5.8 get converted to A grade minium or not?
  4. Will this power up week be the last one? Hime said something about that, did that change?
  5. @Hime How much is 1 gold bar worth at the kinah exchange? I remember EU had 7.3mil kinah for 1 gold bar, will we get the same?
  6. Ah yes, because if you get hacked you shouldn't have a chance to get your account back/stall the hacker longer
  7. Why don't you put the Master Harv exchange rate into the normal wings? That way you won't screw over the people who have quit and have their wings at +15, that don't know about the wings being purified in a while.
  8. I'm sorry, what? i'm pretty sure NO ONE has gotten to +35 master harvester A +26 till 29 enchanted armor gives a +15 ancient (lowest grade) armor? These are pretty much the korean exchange rate
  9. Why is this not Exceptional Minion Contract (6 types)? ([item:190080023]). Sheba Modor and that rip A kerub are too old, the chances for the new A's from 5.8 from the Cute contracts (14 types) are EXTREMELY low. We already got the normal one in Daeva dash, we need the 6 type one
  10. There's still 8 days left of July, they usually post next months preview a day or two before the actual month, July was the only month that took so long.
  11. Changing my graphics to default solved my problems, I used to sendlog around 4 times every day (out of 10 chars or so) so I would recommend that
  12. If you didn't like the prestige pack, why did you keep paying for it? O_o
  13. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Thank youuu!
  14. I've only seen crafting gear on broker, not that prometon workshop stuff or DD
  15. There are so many bots in Lakrum that I can't level up ; ;. Mirash is giving good exp tho
  16. yes I want this outfit very bad it would fit my character very well. Put this on bcm pleasu lots of people will buy it
  17. Yep, everyone couldn't use skills or talk to NPC, only talk on lfg/whispers. seems like everyone dc'd now
  18. So I was looking at what Cute Minion Contracts give (not 14 types) and it shows that you cannot get the new 5.8 minions (Viola, Kromede etc) from it, you can only get them from the Exceptional Minion Contract (6 types) , and the Cute Minion Contract (14 types). Why don't they? If you have cute minion contracts in the Luna dice game you should at least make them have the new minions, or replace them with Cute Minion Contracts (14 types) because otherwise someone would have to spent over 600 mil in a 14 type contract to hope for an A minion they don't have. Shows what cute minion contract
  19. Very good rewards, good job nc c: Edit: just saw that winning team gets 6 common keys and the losing team gets 3 common keys, great job again, since everyone will have a chance at the rewards (I think EU had 3 keys each for the winning team, no keys for losing)
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