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  1. I'm getting so confused by people that want the launcher to be reverted back. Don't want to see the news? Then don't click on them and just click on launch Don't want to select your region every time you log? Then make it remember your email (and it can remember 5!) I really don't see where the "extra steps" are, isn't it literally the same steps as the old launcher? Put in password, press launch and done, no need to nyerk about it. Plus what I find is a QoL improvement (for myself at least), is that when I get DC for AFK'ing, especially with this event where we afk all day
  2. Then just log out with the buff and wait till 7.7 drops, simple!
  3. Thank you for this post! Was extremely helpful. I'm really glad the Commander skin set is back, but at the same time a bit worried with how many EXP marks we'll need for 7.7...
  4. I'm a bit confused by your comparison. Aion Mobile didn't die because its icon in the app store got changed, it got shut down because of in-game reasons (from what I understood at least), not because they tried to modernize its login screen/icon.
  5. Totally agree with @Nyali-DN. I really like the new launcher since we can see ongoing events (with their full description), and it just looks way more pleasing to the eye than the old one. I haven’t had any issues with double clienting (yet, I guess?) so I don’t have a problem with it.
  6. Yesterday, a new post on the website showed up that said this: And today it shows this: I actually got pretty excited for these because it would be a way to get Transform Collections and actually have a real shot at getting Ultimate Transforms, as well as people getting S Minions faster. Pretty disappointed..
  7. The only compensation I can see happening is those who enchanted stigmas a week or so before they announced the change, rest to me is fine. You guys had them for 2 months or so, now it's time for the rest of the community to get their hands on them. Good luck! Can't wait to see who's rubbish in an even match
  8. I want to see events that give Ultimate Transformation Contracts. There's a huge gap between people who simply got lucky and got Ultimate off of 2 combinations and the ones who got it by spending tons of $$, and the people who are still stuck with Legendary Transforms. It's been almost 2 years since the system got introduced, yet the majority of the playerbase that plays daily still has Legendaries. Even an event with a good amount of Legendary contracts should be enough. Also I really hope we'll get Rebirth Manastone Fasteners ( [item: 166418001] ), it's such a good item to have and an a
  9. For me it almost always happens if I click on "Start" at character screen too quickly (like right after out of the log-in screen), and it rarely happens after I click on another character than click back to the one I want to log in to, as well as moving my character around with holding right click (if that makes sense, lol)
  10. Both replies are wrong and unfunny in my opinion. The bundle gives a selection of 1 Ultimate PvE or PvP enchantment stone, the description is wrong
  11. why would you post about it....... just farm the exp
  12. I agree with this. With the new patch I find myself having 1-2 spaces left on my cube, with my storage pets/wh/house being full as well. The mini-patch we'll get where cubics are moved to special cube is a good step in the right direction, but I'd want to see these items being moved as well: Experience Marks (and Extractors), Blood Marks, Battlefield Marks, Daevanion Mark of Knowledge, and Minium of all grades (if it's possible)
  13. @Hime Where is Shattered Abyssal Splinter?
  14. You might leave the company but you'll never leave our hearts, Cyan
  15. Will Shattered Abyssal Splinter be kept with the 7.5 patch?
  16. Always rescue prisoners before killing any bomb mobs and/or mobs that give you keys for rooms
  17. I disagree. Even though you could have farmed BENM every week till 7.5 drops there is no guarantee that you would get your weap, much like IDD in 6.0 when it took me almost 8 months to get mine. The event IMO (from the description, at least) seems really nice and can give us the boost we need to do end-game 7.5 instances.
  18. Ohhhh you're right, but sadly Eso isn't remade and will take much longer to finish a run. On the other hand tho, I think (at least from when I ran it once) it drops one or two daevanion marks of knowledge from the bosses before last boss
  19. Yeah, I'm not sure why FM was removed, BoS seemed like a good choice cause no one does it except for events
  20. Yeah, the end of event says "The Winds of Change will be active until May 27, so be sure to explore these areas before they’re changed permanently!", which makes sense since all of the above regions will be removed
  21. Niice, 7.5 announcement + the Winds of Change event seems promising
  22. The BCM is not even getting anything good anymore, which is proof (to me at least) that Aion will shutdown soon, much like (I can't even say that properly because its not even close to pc version) mobile Aion. Yeah, even knowing NC's stupidity, I'm somehow disappointed, Tera for life /shrug The thing that makes me mad is that when you finish the 20/20 village quest, the NPC that spawns doesn't even have the option to buy things, she just spawns and stands there while you are thinking "why did I do this 20 times". I learned there were some dyes exclusives to guestblooms which of
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