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  1. I look forward to my 20 running scrolls and 10 lesser mana serums that will explode my cube once I collect it compo. Everybody should just stop asking them to fix things, cos they do nothing but break things when they do.
  2. I mean its not their job to fix YOUR problems, cos thats what this is, a YOU problem.
  3. I did that when I quit retail years ago, then played Blade and Soul, now playing this. You only have to look at the crapshow that is New World and how Blizzard destroyed WoW, they are all the same, they spend millions making these games, then try and maintain them with dimes, as you say manage expectations. Nobody cares about gamers, we are just fish for them to hook.
  4. https://aion.aspirine.su/stigma/#eCnahaBmavaBagBiaxaigde If we ever get 55 then you either need to go lightening arrow build for mobile PVP or Agonizing Arrow for heavy burst static PVP.
  5. Yeah, sadly all those still playing, expecting things to change, are just wasting their time. I stupidly came back for merge, that currently shows no sign of happening any time soon, but getting mad at NCsoft is a waste of my time, the person I should be most angry with is myself, for still playing this failed mess of a game. Its been a month now without anybody being able to do sieges, a huge part of the current content is not open to us, but still we pay, still we expect things to change, we are stupid.
  6. Fair is fair, after my post above I was contacted by support who said they have given me the rewards. I havent logged on to check yet, but I do appreciate the effort.
  7. Oh I wasnt defending GF, I know how bad they are, it was just misguided hopefulness. Im very aware that nobody will take any notice of my ramblings.
  8. And I can confirm I didnt get mine, maybe you should confirm the confirmation?
  9. They probably think that people will return, if they remove the candy and Daeva pass P2W, if they ban all the AP traders, the people who got falsely banned due to SR, the people who got caught up with the AP traders, the people who quit once they took 4months to go from 1.2 to 1.5. A noble idea, but sadly Classic had 1 chance and they blew it big time. Its quite breathtaking, at every single move they have made they made a fatal error and you do not recover from fatal errors, not even if you reboot. I hope whoever was in charge of this entire mess has been sacked, but the reality is
  10. No, 100% no, for what purpose? People would still AP trade and they still wouldnt get banned. The game has been out long enough now that most people should have caught up with the AP traders and the candy buyers. A fresh start serves no purpose at all.
  11. You havent been playing Aion Classic for 10+ years fam.
  12. Im still not totally convinced that Aion will come to Europe, they constantly seem to be making excuses. Ive thankfully quit NA now, so I would probably give EU a try if it ever came, but I doubt they would learn from NCsofts mistakes so would just be the same utter shitshow as this I would assume. I think "we" should probably accept that the Aion we once loved has gone forever.
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