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  1. The "problem" is, I have currently done 4 DP runs and yet to see a single piece drop for my class. I mean it costs 200k an entry so its cheaper than Mira, but at least with Mira, you know you will get it in the end, now granted it might well cost you 500million if you are unlucky. The current problem is that the drop rates of everything has been nerfed, so making kinah from mobs is over, the only way to make kinah currently is crafting pots and scrolls.
  2. Yes, it was and I should have moved at that point. But we still had a population, the entire server quit once we didnt get 1.5 2 months ago. So I do take my share of the blame, im aware im partially to blame for my current position. Hence this thread, im asking the mods to help us out, my choices are a merge or a transfer or I quit once my current siels expires.
  3. You are asking why I dont just start again after investing time and money into my current account for the last 4months? Hmmm, thats a hard question to answer really................
  4. Is beyond dire at this point. 3% server capacity is simply detrimental to many many peoples playing experience. I get it, you do not care about paying customers as long as they pay, but less and less people are playing and paying daily. Any chance you can help us out or should we just quit? A server merge, transfers, cross server instances, something, anything? Just thought I would at least make an effort before I quit. Any chance? @Kibbelz Maybe you could run it up the chain.
  5. I mean they could just ban the bots, but no, instead they would rather shaft their paying customers and give them less scope for faming kinah, cos why not hey.
  6. You shouldnt care, thats why I spoke directly to them, but you felt the need to stick your nose in for no reason and call me stupid.
  7. If you bothered to have followed the forum you will know that Zarbi has constantly said they do not want the servers merged and denied that the server is dead. So no, I am not stupid, I just pay attention, maybe you should try it.
  8. Aion Classic Unchained when?
  9. Why are you so eager to play on such a dead server? I do not understand.
  10. Well yes, we will be running DP regardless, I got HHoM first proc, so it wasnt a concern, but I do realise that was kinda lucky.
  11. It depends on class. I think and im not an expert, but Mira is best for Rangers and Mages, other than that im not sure. The weapons are not "useful" for certain classes, the title is nice, all in all it depends on class. Also, I know Mira has the hot heart, but its not even close to how random the anuhart set is to get.
  12. Yeah soz Rita but all of that is next level rubbish. If they introduce player housing and mounts im out for good.
  13. Yeah thats not what I was after, but thanks anyway. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Classic_-_1.5_Update I want something like that, we cant use Koreas patchnotes cos we arent running the same version as they are. But mostly I want them to confirm that Mira and Dredg is coming, cos so far they have only spoke about DP. Oh and also what version of the Ranks we are using. I know, expecting information is expecting far too much, but im a dreamer.
  14. Can we have some info on 1.5 please? Some patch notes beforehand would be lovely.
  15. Mages are King in these early patches, they become less strong from about 2.1 onwards, they are still strong at that point, but other classes become strong also. This was always the way, if you dont like it, go play retail.
  16. Elders drop in dredg and DP, plus the core mobs in this patch.
  17. The weapon is just kill Calydons, Core monsters and a Captain.
  18. A lot of people have left the game, they will not be coming back. There is a misconception that people will return for 1.5 and while a few will, they wont stay for long due to how dead the server(IS) is. Stick a fork in this game.
  19. I would also like to shower you with money, server transfers please.
  20. Its because of the investigation to the AP trading. Something, something let them do their job and stop being negative, something, something, small indie company.
  21. Its simply a failed cash grab. I mean they have made money, but the scope of the money they could have made with just a tiny bit of intelligence is amazing. They have literally left millions on the floor due to total incompetence on a very grand scale. Hats off to them, its quite impressive.
  22. Im coping with it just fine, ive cancelled my sub and downloading other games. As a customer who has spent money I just wished to express my disappointment, maybe I will return when there is more content in the future.
  23. Next month for 1.5? You people are insane.
  24. Well ive just cancelled my auto renew sub. Im almost certain nobody will care, but ive done my bit. Good luck to those that are making excuses like "let them investigate the AP trading first", you are truly the special breed of people that allow everybody else to get shafted.
  25. Its like you are trying your very best to make everybody quit. Outstanding effort so far.
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