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  1. Followed those extra steps and sadly, did nothing for me... Made sure all phrases are in dat file, zipped and renamed but still getting through...
  2. How about share the info instead of just posting this useless comment. I have done my research obviously if you read what I post. Everything just points to NCsoft caring more about Gold Sellers than the actual player base. Again, there WAS a filter that worked and now it doesn't. What else is there to research? It seems like something that was disabled if anything...
  3. Absolutely ridiculous that I have to block new bots EVERY 30 MINS. There WAS a filter that worked for about a week and NCSOFT decided to remove and replace the chat filter file and now, even replaced, ALL SPAM GETS THROUGH!!! This is unacceptable. DO SOMETHING. https://ibb.co/J3BRTZz https://ibb.co/XpChhyC
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