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  1. On bottom of window there are two countdowns. One says mission ends in 1 day. Other says season ends in 2.5 days. So wtf is the mission countdown for?
  2. I like the spam. Makes me feel desired and less alone. Spam let's me experience what it is like to be an attractive woman
  3. The xp events are good. Aion classic is good. You are doing a good job. Anyone who played in 2009 knows the community managers have little power to change how the game is run Any discontent should be directed at the company, ncsoft, not at the guy doing his best in a shitty situation Anyway: I like the game and how it's been run so far. A true classic/2009 experience. This is everything I wanted. Such a great 3 weeks I've had
  4. That friggin aion visions trailer...we were so hyped when we saw it back then but almost none of it was added to the game
  5. When is the next time we will see this forum title from official sources? Honestly, 30% xp buff should be permanent
  6. I picked elyos because I love white skin tones and hairlessness
  7. Recipes were a world drop in 2009. Higher level zones 40+. It'll take a while for one to get listed on ah since only like 5 people are level 40, and then it will be extremely expensive
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