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  1. Ok, i don't know the basis of your idea. But here's the article: Korean gamers take action against NCSoft’s ‘misleading’ marketing This is the power of how gamers can influence your stocks, it is no similar with other companies where their product and services defines the strength of their current stocks. Take note that this dip in stocks (almost 25% shaved off) happens in the course of 5days and has continuous going downtrend to the next few days. Now, lets analyze the consolidated quarterly sales of NCSoft: You see Aion in 2Q20 and 3Q20 (8194 and 8,453) in the char
  2. Do you think spending money in-game has an effect? I think it's a penny on what's happening to NCSoft atm due to mishandling of games. You see not all players are just spending money in-games, "True Whales" plays it with real money in stocks. If you had consecutive bad reviews, regular bad forum/searchable topics, investors will definitely pull-out a huge chunk of money.
  3. Then its not classic anymore. I don't whine with the current game mechanics. It's just the management don't do anything about AP Trading.
  4. Obviously 3 days of no log-in.. my siel's aura expired yesterday and had no plans on renewing it or even logging-in the game since we got not action from the management. If you don't see me reply anymore, it means I totally quit. 😄😄
  5. Ok, i bet your time is also in pixels.. I thought time is irreplaceable or maybe you are immortal. We, mortals, had limited time.
  6. Possible but you got no solid proof. And if this is true, the customer were fked and this company is doomed to fall.
  7. The quitting community (due to AP trading,bot, hax) might do this. They do not care what happens to their character/account anymore because they are fed up on what the management is doing and will not return to NCsoft.
  8. Note that I farmed my Attack AP gears (Acce and weapon) and stayed Lv45 for 1month to farmed lower abyss for like 3weeks (1-2kisk/day, 45-70k AP/day). I do not have time to farm for 30e AP armors b/c i have a job on weekdays and substitute it with SR set. If you rush to 50 like almost everybody did, you will have a hardtime gaining AP on core/upper guards farm.
  9. I farmed lower abyss during my stay at Lv45 for 3weeks and obtained all attack 30ap acce and weapon and I played like 1-2 kisk per day. I believe Digz and Gongx obtain their full set including PvP armors in less than 3 weeks to 1 month. (They are my classmate in farming in east/west siel guards)
  10. Two days of not logging in Aion I'm just a forum warrior now.
  11. This is what I like in "Classic" Aion. You will really appreciate the best gear you can have atm. I remember the old days where you are happy wearing all blues and grind the dungeon every reset to obtain a rare gold drop. (No EZ coin items that time) And this fk up this game so hard. I don't whine on candies as Kinah can easily come and go but this AP Trading is way too hideous. Imagine you can obtain the most endgame gear with just like that? Where's the fun in that. Note that the battery keeps going when there's a difference in potential (electrons) between materials. Using this
  12. Kids don't do wiki as a basis of your knowledge, there are lots of resources out there. These are one of the resources you can find: https://www.verywellmind.com/morality-vs-ethics-what-s-the-difference-5195271 https://byjus.com/free-ias-prep/difference-between-ethics-and-morality/ https://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-ethics-and-vs-morality/
  13. So we are now saying that we must take a blind eye to it, same with what NC is doing? I am a Process Engineer by profession and fixing the cause of the problem is my main job. Neglecting a small things now will hit hard later especially you work on big plants. Its always the motto that "NOW is the time to react". If you keep justifying that this is OK, you are normalizing which is NOT OK. You are just justifying that it is OK because next patch will be OK... but what about NOW? Human live at present, and sadly most of us live on what we call "TODAY". You cannot finish anything if you
  14. Ethics is govern by law or an agreement. You can say they have a problem with their morality as this differs from one person to another. Ethics on the other hand must have a basis where you can say it is ethically right or wrong. Since we do not have rules or in-game mechanics, we can they that these peeps who gank can be ethically right but morally wrong.
  15. Yes, especially for true low level players... But when I see, pinks which moves 100% like bot.. I'll make sure to bury them and comeback again especially in Abyss. This argument is somewhat comical... you mean by gankers are purple players... if they are desperate to get AP, then why kill pinks with 1AP.. is it better to kill guards? Note that this is a pvp game with only one solid rule... kill other faction on sight. It's up to you where you let free pinks run around or smash them, we can talk about ethics if these pinks cannot definitely kill a purple. I am not justifying that k
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