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  1. Here we go again Just leave the instance alone except for the bugs that need to be fixed and have it ready and changed for next time it comes back! This is going to be a(n) ongoing problem with NC changing stuff mid-way because "they can" , too bad,so sad let's nyerk off people and make em mad!
  2. First I'd like to say Hi,and welcome to our "happy and smooth merge"(yes I am being a bit sarcastic bout merge).I know the first few weeks or longer is a rough road,were like kids going to a new school and meeting new people or a new job. As a player since beta I have seen and met players you may or may not like,seen people come and go and yet all this time whenever there was a merge is was NOT as painful as this one. We chose this game as a getaway from the stresses of real life,to make or have friends and just enjoy the time that we play. As of the past couple couple of days this has not bee
  3. Agree..Major Potions/Serums are good for the lower levels. To add insult to well insult only lower level areas have tents Verteron-Iggison, think Cygnea/ Illuma should be included now with the Superior potions/serums. But hey they brought event back so....(shrugs)
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