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  1. well done, hope this will continue and checks increase. Btw, good message
  2. Again and again. Lots of kids crying. Classic is for people who is not in hurry and like to enjoy the game in every part. If you want all and now, hello kitty events, easy life levelling, top gear immediately, skills drop istant, please please GO ON AION LIVE and stop boring us with your baby crying.
  3. It's anyway something more close the Aion many people like to play. What people must understand is that the fee we pay is to have the opportunity to live the game as (or close as) was invented and enjoied thousands of people. Not to have XP buffs, rewards, extra content which are not healty for the game. Most of people i know and met back in the Classic version are not in hurry. No hurry to cap level, no hurry to max gear 1 month and no hurry to get bored in 1 month and a half. And if this keep over excited kids far from the Classic, well, better i must say.
  4. Can't really understand. All asking for events + xp buffs + stupid stuff so for all the things which ruined the original Aion. We have our beloved game back now. Just enjoy it. If you want events, easy levelling, shops and so on, go on live version and let us play the classic version as it is supposed to be.
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