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  1. @Avator-KT: Ravenmasters times can not be correct because no matter the timezone the waiting time between first and second is the same for everyone (eight hours). UK is currently on BST/IST (GMT+1) and central europe is currently on CEST (GMT-2). UK will change to UTC (GMT+0) in autumn and central europe to CET. If you are on the east coast you are currently on EDT (GMT-6) and not on EST. So my dredgion starting times in CEST: 8pm 4am 8am Would translate to Ravenmaster: 7pm for BST (UK) 3am for BST (UK) 7am for BST (UK) Would translate to
  2. The daily radiant quest also shares this isue.
  3. @5s1150F9: I just wanted to add that NcWest is activly advertising the game for european players by changes made to their privacy policy for uk and european players. So at the end of the day, they are interested in keeping their european playerbase. See the Policy Update from 30th of september.
  4. @Pyromage-DN: I do not even primarily complain about that implemention. Moreover I complain about the lack of communication and accurate patch notes, which seem to be standard for this game or rahter publisher.
  5. @Moredotsnow: There are no more answers to this question because everyone was able to check it out in the game.
  6. @SpiritedawayX: I thought the locations on which those spawn during a specific timeframe did not require essence tapping.
  7. A decade ago you had to complete the level 30 daevanion quest once: to receive one armor piece. I hope that it remained the same and that I do not have to level a bunch of new characters this time.
  8. Unreal Engine 5 Aion when?
  9. @Adla: As many as might agree with you I am sure there are just as many that disagree. Pulling imaginary numbers is not a good base for your argument. Especially when you try to defend it so ferociously.
  10. The only ones you can purchase from NPC are the abyss ones exchanged for abyss points.
  11. @Adla: Out of curiosity: what makes you the sole judge of which class is the most engaging and demanding?
  12. The lack of pragmatic content replaced with personal insults in this topic are amazing.
  13. @Lenoir-KT: The rush might be due to the expected Miragent, which could change the recommended profession.
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