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  1. Currently the Anuhart armor parts can not be extracted. Now I heard two rumours about changes regarding that: In the coming patch, Anuhart armor parts can be extracted as well This merely applies for drops in that new patch and not for parts already acquired Is anyone able to confirm either of those two points?
  2. @Adla: I agree with your conclusion, just the reasoning was flawed. Like you observed yourself. "Because I dont care" or "it was known since ages" are not really valid arguments for anything in Aion Classic. Thanks for the elaboration, that makes it a much better read.
  3. @Adla: Which are the more important things we should focus on and were not known through the ages?
  4. @RoadRunnner: This event might actually be negative in the end. I am likely not going back to run Dark Poeta after the event, since it is going to take triple the amount of time as of now.
  5. @Piggie: I am just two crafts behind. Probably going to keep on running once a day until the event concludes.
  6. In the meantime some players crafted their second box. Cheers to Rod Stewart.
  7. @Adla: Apparently those were too many numbers for me.
  8. @Adla: 60 runs in three days is some dedication. Sadly I lack the kinah for that. I saw four eternals since the event started. Yet I can not confirm any increase in gold drops at all.
  9. @Sunset: The 19th was mentioned in the other post about the maintenance.
  10. @Braveheart: You misunderstood the intention of the post. The question was about initial drop rates, which are not public.
  11. @Adla: I still do not see how that kills the game. What is killing the game is that people are at the point to sell their accounts (aka quit). If someone is looking to buy an account he is not willing to play from scratch anyway. So either he does not buy one (still no gain, loss already happened) or buys one (atleast another player in Atreia). I am not writing that it is okay to buy accounts, but I can not see how it kills the game.
  12. @Luckyy-DN: I do not see how that kills the game. Players that are selling their account most likely do not play anymore or plan to quit. So they are gone either way.
  13. @Luckyy-DN: How is Smoked buying accounts killing the game?
  14. @Luckyy-DN: Lowering the required amount of fading marks would work as well. Ten marks reads reasonable to me.
  15. It will get worse once a member of your static actually gets the drop, since the urge to continue running it hundred of times for the rest of the group will fade rapidly.
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