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  1. @Kiras: They are adjusting Siels to match the others.
  2. @Avuis: I agree that it sucks, but we had people getting nothing but marks ten days ago already. Just stating that it is not since last maintenance.
  3. @Cnc: The person was about not getting either gear, which is not new. You can end up with getting only marks.
  4. @Dragonshadows: That happened before last maintenance as well.
  5. @Yoloranger: Well, some people need to realise that Aion is a game. It can not be won, only played.
  6. @66sB2F50: You only see the obvious pay to win, which I can understand and which is an acceptable point of view. My post and also the Youtube clip I mentioned to you are talking about layered/passive pay to win, which is obviously my opinion about it. The reasons you suggested or rather assumed people are having using the cash shop do not change the fact it exists. Neither you laughing at players or feeling sorry for them changes that. Like I wrote, you tend to discuss emotions rather than the topic. If you want to discuss whether there is pay to win in Aion or elaborate to me why there
  7. @Yoloranger was asking what players using the cash shop are able to gain. @66sB2F50 was asking in which way the game could be seen as p2w. If either of you care about players using the cash shop or not is totally irrelevant to me. If you beat those players ingame is totally irrelevant to me. Whether I like or dislike the use of cash shop is irrelevant to what people are able to gain from it. I am discussing a topic / definition and not emotions about it. I play the game the way I have fun and I recommend you both, like you obviously do already, to do the same. I am enjoying t
  8. @Genesis: It is the gear piece you get for free from the Quna shop currently.
  9. @66sB2F50: Being aware of something and whining about something are different things. Since you agree with "Josh Strife Hayes" on "What MMO Should you play?", why do you not check out his clip called "What makes a game 'Pay to Win'?"? Start at either 3:40 or 16:00 minutes in.
  10. People need to realise that pay to win does not refer to something mythical one can not achieve ingame. Pay to win does not refer to a magical weapon from the cash shop that makes you immortal and kill everyone. Pay to win in Aion stands for pay to progress (faster). To create something ingame which was not farmed ingame. Look at the players who sold candies at the start While you were farming kinah to buy scraps off broker they were sitting on billions buying all the manastones, enchantment stones and goodies they need off broker without worries. While you were/are still struggling to
  11. @Arhangelos: People seem to confuse pay to win with pay for guaranteed victory or pay for a special skill that oneshoots everyone. A common misconception it seems. People that say candies were not pay to win do not comprehend the mechanics of Aion or rather how useful kinah is.
  12. @Arhangelos: Well, not about that. But 21+4=24 is weird math. I admit not my strong subject, but nonetheless strange.
  13. "24 members have voted" "Yes": 4 "No": 21 That is strange.
  14. May offer tailoring on the crafting part. Crafted gear is a bit different than skins, since skins offer no gear progression. I would make it map and/or level dependant. If a reward is a level 33 crafted Sobi set it should address level 30 to 35 players and be held in a respective map. Level 50 can just run and glide through all the mobs. If it is a high level item you might hide in Asmodea or let players bring you a Xilix. The effort the players are willing to put into finding you depends on the item you are offering. However the main focus should remain the fun part. I would focus o
  15. Well, let us be open minded and put it to a quick test by googling it, to get other opinions about the topic from 2009/2010 (and others). Here are some quotes: if you make one you can find people lvling up in elthen/morheim. but beluslan and heiron? forget it they won't give a damn if you are twinky they will zerg you without any doubt 😜 Eltnen and Morheim rifting twinks cause so much grief and forum rage. Right now while a majority of players are still under L40, twink L30s can rampage through them for massive AP gain. There is a legion on the server I play on de
  16. @Chaoticsin: That is certainly correct, regarding the bots.
  17. @Zarbi: The first time it spawned on Siels Elyos it was not really on the three named locations, yet kinda far off almost half way to Storm Circle. I assume you have to search the whole map or mayhap others can share their locations. @Chaoticsin: There are groups of Elyos bots farming Indratus and bots farming near Seneas. It kinda mirrors Hoarfrost and Redmane. Whereas I admit that last time I visited Hoarfrost there was loads of bots wherever one looked. Not our fault for not having non elite Balaurs in Heiron tho. I certainly share your opinion about the hackers. Also abyss traders
  18. Thank you for the information. This is what you should provide for every update/change.
  19. Questionable decision on the Quna shop this week. Yet not totally surprising.
  20. @Neferupito: On killing Tahabata each group member is able to loot a mark. By using seven marks one can craft a fabled box which has a chance to proc to eternal. On opening the fabled box one recevies a random box either containing a weapon or an armor piece as well as up to two faded marks. Using 36 faded marks one can craft the eternal box directly. So if you are the unlucky type, you should be able to craft the eternal box in 36 weeks. Also a side note: do not craft the box while having one point only in that profession. Get it to twenty.
  21. @Arhangelos: There are points the community could change. Like being less toxic; acting less greedy; do less grieving. However, from what I learnt in this topic that is how the game is supposed to be played. I am not going to join the p2w disussion, but I want to point out that the reasons why retail failed are not the necessarily the reasons why classic fails. It seems to get confused alot.
  22. @Snugglebunny-DN: One is in core and one at Hellfire.
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