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  1. NVM guys , bots are back . Well done NC , you w8 6 month for bann bots for 3 days . Ez job .
  2. pet ? loot ? who are you
  3. Did i miss bann wave ? bots ? cheaters? what they do ? p.s Well done NC
  4. I think will be better if you get some free month or week after merge .... No one care about candies , its to late .
  5. Miragent/Fenrir is most powerfull set in game even after version 2++ , i am sure they will encrease drop , but later , v 1.7-1.9 . Calm down guys . You cant get top gear in game for free . Same situation with DP , multi box + bots . All we need its GM , who will join the game , and use his hands give permaban to all of them . After that we can encrease drop rate , and fix againe Bruh/ Theo . And only after that .
  6. craft- no point , to many strong gear by coins / world drop gathering - full of bots
  7. I remember only 35 gold gear and its was realy rare . Tell me , why they call that patch Golden Syndrome ? I never see 25 gold 40 and 45 before 2+ versions . Maybe those gear was in game , but chance of drop was same like GS . Elder pieces drop from DP and Dred . But you dont know that , coz your bots cant farm Dred and DP , sad .
  8. In original version of Aion, 11 years a go , there is no gold gear 45 lvl , they are add it in 2+ version , this patch called in my region Golden Fever , they are increase drop rate % and add in game Gold gear 25 30 40 45 50 ( maybe they are increase % drop chanse x 20 ) Stop sell gear from dungeons , maybe its time to extract it ? 1.5 version they add in game 50 lvl gold gear ( world drop ) extract it + they add craft recipe with 100% chance gold , extract it . Ofc my friend , we have dredgion now . More Ap > more AP gear > we need more stones . Its logical
  9. Bruh and Theo was full of bots . Yuo whant farm there like before use bots ? Or what ? Did i miss smth ? Evry one of you use bots in Theo ? and now yuo ask bring bots back I dont know what is your plan , but plz dont let bots farm stuff in Bruh/Theo
  10. I dont see any queues , ez join dred max w8 5 min after start S-E side . I remember some protection system , if you try use character Asmo for join Dred , and use Elyos character same time to join Dred , then you will be in queue . Just think about that . Ofc if you are from IS , maybe there ppl have problems , but i am sure they will merge servers in 1-2 week .
  11. Its all about bots , 99% players who playing without Siel Aura are bots . I think its time to remove f2p at all . 7 days siel for free its all yuo need for whatch the game and make desition , to be or not to be . Ofc quest items should be lootable , i think its bug , they will fix that . Today i sow stack of bots 50 lvl , they are moving for farm DC , only one of them have SA . If 15 $ its to expensive for you , better be for all of us if you find another project . I dont whant play with bots , NCsoft cant join the game one time per week and perma bann them all by handmade work , they
  12. Its not about Sub mate , even in f2p project its not normal . Whether you spend your money or not, you are a participant in the project - games, if the rules prohibit the use of third programs, you have the right to ask to ban all of them . Either let everyone use them or ban them. Its better then nothing , i am still dont understand , why team NCsoft cant join the game and spend 1 hour per week for ban them all . Its so easy . @Kibbelz We find some solution " in Classic KR mobs dont drop gold items in Theobomos and Brusthonin" (c) Almazy , pay attention to t
  13. Gold gear 45 lvl ( Graceful ) is droping from monsters 45 lvl + . Let's see where these people are who are selling it. I didn't pick everyone, it was almost a random choice. These "players" are online 24/7. There are about a hundred of them in the location of Theobomos. Just imagine how many things they get per day. Blue / green gear they are extract. I will not contact to the Ncsoft team, it is useless. I just want to draw the attention of the community to this, maybe together we will be able to attract attention. And if it doesn't work, let's also download the bot programm
  14. Difficult task, but you did it. Well done.
  15. Siel Ely side Buff dont work after 5 or 6 time using . Limit per day?
  16. I hear in discord information , they ban hackers , and ffix client , hack - no gravity dont work . Lets tell the truth , no only bad but good . AP-trading there are much fewer of them . 90 % of bots after last fix with Siel Aura dodnt play anymore . You have absolutely no information about what NCsoft is doing. But you keep on blaming them for all their sins. I've never seen so much negativity. You kill this game from the start, and you kill it. NCsoft looks for solutions without logging into the game. This is their rule. I want to appeal to players who are not fair. Guys
  17. Nice ! tyvm ! better later then never .
  18. Its cheater , google it . You can download and use it too . Its not legal , but no one care , evry one use it . Ncsoft NA dint ban cheaters .
  19. What do you expect from them? They simply cannot ban bots, you don't need to look for them, you don't need to invent anything. Spend two hours a week and get ban them . But I see bots 43! lvl ++. So what do you expect from them? All they can do is trade candy. Candyshop traders . Ban hackers ? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About AP trading , its realy hard find solution , coz its part of the game . If "A" player whant kill "B" player , you cant ban t
  20. I find solution ! Ncsoft need delete from weapon bonus " extended "from spear . And all be happy .
  21. sad story bro , so give me one reason , why i should i go DC if i am cleric ? Its like story with Saendukal world boss and class roll . This boss have two good items drop . Saendukal Anger (GS )and Saendukal mask . Another gear is sh**** , didnt cost nothing . And ofc Templar whant class roll . Pretty good deal for evry one ? Only noobs farm Saendukal by class roll . You should be happy if some one take you in group . Coz we never take glad in group when go DC . Its your end game weapon , its good even in 2.0 +++ versions . If you play 2-3 month you can collect 500kk , price is to e
  22. @Kibbelz Add some xp buff for 1-40 lvl . Its realy boring lvlup . Or decrease NTC cd from 20 hours to 4 , increase experience from monsters in Fire temple . 80 % game time , i play solo and kill monsters like a f0cking bot . Its not fun , but its profit +++ with exp . Do smth
  23. i dont belive in story " my account was hacked " Because I know how hard it is to hack even a grandmother's mail. I am sure hacker know pin code, and logged in to character. But I agree that information about the date of birth is not ideal protection. if you are older then 15 years , no reason to do that .
  24. sell his acc , now he whant back him . I see many time story like that . And true is he dont know date birth , coz he buy that acc .
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