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  1. Returning Player

    Well that just answered my question as well lol Was going to check into coming back as well.
  2. Send Log Error / Client Crash

    Okay cool I will totally give that a shot. Thank you so much!
  3. Send Log Error / Client Crash

    Im also having this issue since merge. I have a beast of a PC and ive lowered my graphics and tried pretty much anything else even file repairing to see whats going on. Nothing works, still happens about every hour on the hour no matter what im doing. But seriously im sick of it costing me quest rewards, errors time out on daily log in rewards to the point you just have to delete the item because it shows that its been used. Ive lost numerous S ranks and CU is becoming a waste of time because i dc half way through every time and the barriers are destroyed by the time im back after the stupid load % bar just sits there! ::tiny rick rage::
  4. Welcome Everyone

    Hey everyone! Its dope seeing pvp groups running around Azphels lol! welcome! Player since pre beta. If you need art for your legion let me know!