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  1. Get those wallets out. AP gear on swipe incomming.
  2. Remove crowns/pvp title. Add more exclusive skins and enchant/mana stone boxes. AP should be obtained by playing the game.
  3. You have zero evidence. You just made up a reason as to why they are delaying. You simply do not know. Is this your way of coping? Why do WE have to come up with reasons as to why NCsoft has taken so long to implement 1.5? People have been asking for content for multiple weeks now and we've gotten zero response untill yesterday. It's not the playerbase's fault NCsoft only has one CM that has to manage multiple gaming communities. At this point he only manages to post a single reply once a week. The community is left hanging around for a week untill the next update post wondering if we ev
  4. Would you look at that. The same dude that made a post complaining about the banwave made another post today. What a coincidence. Still talking about "your friend and innocent players" right? People expected threats like this. You are just what we expected. That's why nobody is taking you serious.
  5. The only one "worked up" around here is you.
  6. Musashi just mad his main got banned for AP trading. Is now trying to make up excuses and starts calling people noobs, deflecting the fact he and his friends AP traded like the little trashcans that they are. Git gud.
  7. Oh right, so because somebody else abused harder, your friend should not get punished. Nah dude. He should be perma'd and stay perma'd. The moment NCsoft stops banning people who only abuse a "little bit", everybody will start AP trading just for a "little bit". Ban everybody, it should be clear that this is not allowed.
  8. I mean, let's not call it a huge advantage. A little annoying at best.
  9. Have you actually filed a report or have you used the ingame autohunting report tool. Because I seriously doubt NCsoft does anything with the ingame report tool. Could you shed a light on that @Kibbelz?
  10. His character porting around (from your pov only mind you) is not hacking, it's a bug as old as Aion. KD's and Aether Holds will do that from time to time. On top of that you're fighting some juiced up swipe chanter with +15 40e/+15 lannok staff while being lower levelled/geared yourself.
  11. Hey @Kibbelz, Appreciate you trying to give us information. But the community really needs clearcut info on what is allowed and what is not. Playing Aion feels like rolling the dice for us right now. Information is unclear, terms- and service do not mention this at all. People are trying to figure out what is happening, misinformation everywhere. Please explain to us what exactly you are banning people for and try to differentiate between: 1. People doing regular repeat quests for 1 fabled gear part (causing up to 3/4 re-entries per steel rake instance); 2. Hackers/exploit
  12. Can we talk about the real problem here? Players spending 250 dollars on a classic relaunch that want more rewards? Have you tried playing the game yet?
  13. You got your definitions mixed up. That's not the definition of being critical. That's being a rude person.
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