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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    @Cyan Does anyone at NCSoft actually believe people will use their Lunas to reset CoE and Mirash (out of all things) for a chance at random Legendary Transformation? I get that you want to drain people from their free Lunas, but please at least try to do it in less blatant way.
  2. Where are the new god stones?

    It's sort of situation where they either delete none or all. You can use the "helpful for PvE" for basically every godstone, so it's just fair to either keep them all or delete them all. Also thing is it doesn't matter if it's like damage godstone (4k procing does hurt quite a bit) or something like slow down - it's all still RNG based.
  3. Where are the new god stones?

    @Leonis-DN Regarding the quests, I believe the only "quest" situation to obtain omegas on EU are Hero Trials and sometimes one of them gives you an omega. Cool and dandy, thing is it's a thing Gameforge added themselves. And it's buggy. Sometimes you can complete quest like 3-4 times and it still won't register it, so you won't get your omega, simple as that. Also their Luna rates are heavily nerfed compared to NA, same as omega drops in instances. I remember last time I've heard, omegas only dropped in BoS and ToE, which aren't instances many people run. Anyway if you think these godstones are unfair, then I have no idea why this thread even exists.
  4. Yep, if I remember correctly EU was getting the godstone bundles from Upgrade Arcade event? Anyway they in fact were released, but thankfully NCWest decided to be somewhat nice to us and keep those godstones far away.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 20, 2017

    Because NCWest isn't fixing that. Any issues are getting forwarded to Korea and then it's waiting game for them to fix that. There's nothing to address. Also I genuinely have no damn idea what sort of compensation you expect. More nutrients to get crappy rewards? This is a filler event and majority of the playerbase doesn't like it, it's best to ignore it and let this event be the way it is.
  6. lmao, i was trying to find polearm link for friend but i gave up since w/e i'm not melee anyway, why do i care (totally i wasn't just too lazy to check out the numbers one by one and just waited for ready pattern kekeke)
  7. Trying to figure out missing hair ticket links when they took them off did give me some good practice for such situations! o/ Also there's no magic weapons. Magna Carta is same deal as the 5.8 Sunayaka situation - extends only.
  8. Polearm - [item:101301671] Staff - [item:101501786] Dagger - [item:100201950] Sword - [item:100002364] Mace - [item:100101768] Also @Nyali-DN, they do have same stats but they have different links. Magna Carta weapons are one item number higher than upgraded Harvester.
  9. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    Quick question to people who think this event has good mechanics - care to explain why? I'm genuinely curious.
  10. Skin Rotations

    What the hell went wrong with those? Like at first it was all nice and dandy, 2 new skins every 2 weeks, but then crap like putting Shiver Me Timbers into event soon after putting it in rotation (and then putting it in rotation again few weeks ago...), repeating skins no one was really interested in (like Gourmet Coat, because quite honestly I haven't seen a single person in this skin), taking old skins off BCM like Uptown Apparel and Couture clothing which were there for years, just to put them into Skin Rotation as if nothing happened. Now whatever Skin Rotation situation we have now - skins which dropped a lot from event which was there just a moment ago, Kumiho set was supposed to be part of Black Friday deals not Skin Rotation anyway, also Dapper Jack and Abyss Knight are quite Halloween skins so it's just odd that they're in rotation which lasts from end of November til first week of December. I honestly wouldn't be that bothered by this, if there wasn't still plenty of skins we have yet to see on NA (Sailor Uniform, Cute Maid outfit or Fitted Activewear just to name a few). Most of people are well aware that NCSoft isn't a charity and quite obviously needs the players to spend money on this game, so why not start adding stuff that people will actually buy from these Skin Rotations? @Cyan please i just want new skins
  11. Skin Rotations

    Actually I believe they took it off once 4.8 hit? I remember there was whole deal about skins becoming "lost" with 4.8, but don't quote me on that.
  12. Okay, then outside of me nitpicking at your points, since obviously we aren't getting anywhere with that, if the skins weren't useable only once for appearance remodeling, they'd probably end up with same price as those in BnS, so 1200 NCoins which is almost double the current price in Aion. Unless Aion introduced similar system as in BnS with trading in-game currency to the cash-shop currency, I doubt it'd work out well, people would probably be too upset over the doubled price. And the reason why Korea is seemingly okay with skins being like this is because P2W and spending money in cash shop in general are pretty normalized there. Since NA is of lesser priority, we have to pretty much suck it up.
  13. On the other hand, if they made multiple use skins the sales would drop quite badly I believe. And honestly I haven't really seen people being that bothered by the fact that skins aren't reusable. Sure, most of people wishes it would work like in BnS where you have no armor and can just jump around in your skins, but that's such a minor issue compared to lots of other stuff which actually were the 1 grain of salt too much. Not to be rude/passive-aggressive, but the over-exaggeration isn't helping your agument. Sure, you have a valid point and it sucks having to pay for Lunas for wardrobe or parting with your skins, but it's hard to take it seriously when you pair it with "people quit cause skins".
  14. Skin Rotations

    Which is why I didn't mention the Miss Meow and Beloved seires, because I'm aware they won't be released due to license problems. I know some of skins they're reserving for event rewards and stuff like that, but it'd be nice if they added stuff which really wasn't around for some time or new skins, instead of doing shady stuff like taking the Couture and Uptown off the BCM just to pop them into rotations.
  15. Isn't that wedding dresses in general? In whole honesty tho, skins cost $8 each and most of skins is in Luna crafts now anyway, so I believe it's not too tragic now. Sure, it's annoying, but I believe that attributing decline in players to "can be used only once for appearance remodeling" is quite an exaggeration lol
  16. Skin Rotations

    @Bryos-KT I said that I'm underwhelmed, because it took them like 2 years to add this skin. And my disappointment is towards how the skin rotations declined in quality, taken how quickly they started repeating skins.
  17. Skin Rotations

    Peacock's Proposal, which is 4.8 skin, alongside with Frozen Aristocracy which was in rotation before and in event before 5.0 (or maybe not before, but it sure was in event), and is a 4.8 skin as well. Kinda underwhelming taken we are closer to 5.8 than 4.8. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I know I'm just nitpicking now, but I'm just utterly disappointed with how these rotations went lol
  18. Is GP system broken?

    First of all, what kind of a ridiculous assumption is that? I honestly can't recall a single person who is for enchant levels not being capped, doesn't matter if they're a GP apologist or not. Also if you claim that it's broken, you should provide some arguments supporting that because "getting high ranks takes so long!!!!" isn't even really argument here. It would take just as long to rank up with AP system still being around, simply because most of the high ranks have accumulated ridiculous amounts of AP over time. The only really broken things about GP system are the mishap of AP -> GP quests being there at first and the currently unreasonably low requirements to keep ranks (let's say that 1450 GP over the time of 3 or 4 weeks is reasonable for 1-stars and 2-stars, but 5-stars.... yeah, not really). Sure, it has other not as major faults here and there, but this is more of a "lesser of 2 evils situation". You either have this, or a system which was punishing people for getting gear and x-forming. And see, now THAT sounds broken. Technically rank is something a person should work for somehow by themselves, which was kinda forced with GP system after they took out the AP -> GP quests. Also this sorta situation was just messing over people who were playing without friends willing to spoonfeed them AP. The high ranks "rotation" became kinda stagnant later on anyway, they usually had enough AP accumulated to be somewhat safe on their spots. Usually when there was a new governor, it usually meant the old one either quit or decided to give up the rank for one reason or another. Oh yeah, as for Beritra peeps - they landed in relatively high ranks anyway, ex-governor is a general, rest falls probably into 5-star/4-star range. I'd be more worried about Danaria, taken it was 3-way merge. After the "ranking clearing" was implemented, I once logged in my KR-E alt and they didn't even have enough people to fill top 300 somehow, so...
  19. Is GP system broken?

    I don't know why theoretical new players are brought into it, honestly. First of all, this game isn't really getting any new players anymore. Second of all, if new user's problem is mainly rank instead of gear, level and getting hang of their class then it's completely on the new user for having a skewed priority list, not on the system. Also thing is that it's MMO, not MOBA - seasons just won't work here. If they decided to do GP strip now, going like "lol btw there are seasons now, have fun" some people would probably rage quit, which should be understandable taken that some people worked for years to obtain and keep their ranks. Might be just my opinion, but resetting rank would do more harm than good. It would just guarantee the game being GP farming mess for the next (let's say) month after reset. Rank in Aion isn't gained by the amount of games you have played and how many of them you have won, it's based on how much are you willing to farm and spend on reset scrolls to get the advantage early on. Anyway, the only thing rank is good for now is buying officer food and if you're 5-star and above, I guess x-forming is nice too. Bringing up disadvantage would make more sense few patches ago when people weren't booted from ranks for inactivity, making even hitting 2-star challenging (at least on Siel) which was actually needed for gear.
  20. Kinah Conspiracy?

    If people would report everyone for seeing bunch of alts from same legion standing together, then there would be probably no one left in this game at this point.
  21. My Character Bug ?

    This one might shock you: you just have shit RNG with that, just like buncha other people. You can as well try combining those B ranks or try some more and enjoy basically instant level 2 on your A grade.
  22. Aion Memes!

    hello, i'm gonna dump some shitty oc i made once again And this one is special dedication to Bastion of Souls:
  23. Post your Aion character!

    @Yellhanzwezis-IS i have beyond shit memory, so I won't give you the exact name, but it's 60a plate hat. You can get it at either Cloister of Kaisinel or Convent of Marchutan
  24. Post your Aion character!

    @Bryos-TM shitty quality, because I don't have the patience to keep turning the HQ engine on to take few screenshots while having below 5 fps rip
  25. Post your Aion character!

    idk, somehow I have close up screenshot of tempest spirit's butt, but i don't have screenshot of my SW with uncovered face