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  1. Yesterday during sieges, myself and a lot of other people were experiencing insanely high ping when sieging, specifically when near a lot of players, while I usually have about 115 to 130 ping during normal gameplay . By insanely high i mean literally a 10 to 20 seconds delay and crazy rubberbanding, which is absolutely unplayable. Now, I remember back in 3.0 on NA servers I never had this issue, even though I had a worse internet connection, could siege just fine without any delay. Have you also been experiencing this? Is this a EU players only issue? What changed from 3.0 t
  2. So, on top of a monthly subscription we will have a pass with the ability to give players medals with which they can unlock gear, AP with which they can also unlock the most prestigious and best gear, along with plenty of consumables that will decrease the value of crafts. With the pass being character specific and can be auto completed if you choose to spend more money, allowing whales to just buy it on multiple characters and instantly receive the items. So it seems like NCSOFT is not even trying to revive the game, its just a scheme to prey on our nostalgia and get some quick bucks.
  3. Is the content of the daeva pass confirmed to be this one? https://aioncodex.com/usc/daevapass/
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