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  1. Posted about it in general already, but it looks from the two replies that perhaps there is no way to legitimately do it at this time (ie, without doing things against the rules?). Basically if you zoom in and get the maximum distance blur, I want my game to have that, maybe slightly less (a slider or levels to choose similar to bloom would be awesome). It just looks SO GOOD to me, it makes everything look nicer, but to see it like that, I have to zoom too close for my own comfort - I like to be zoomed out enough to not see my char shoulders bopping around, and fps view for me isn't
  2. The focus blur/depth of field, I really want that on at all times, is there a way? It looks so good, and it sucks I can only see it when zoomed in. As a max distance camera user who floats between mid and full zoom out, is there any way to get that effect without having to zoom in? Thanks for any help! If it's not possible maybe I can make a suggestion thread about it.
  3. You can get a pet in one of the pet categories that gives you dyes for its gifts.
  4. Well, bluescreen from hard drive failures can look like gpu because it'll throw DX/D3D errors. Do you heavily defragment often or heavily use torrents? Good for how to run a scan hard disk for errors for your OS version, that can rule that out at least if it finds no problems. Have you ever opened the PC and blew all the dust out? It should be done regularly, say once a year, or every 4 to 6 months if you have pets or smokers around.
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