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  1. So it's just a coincidence that Noise drops everything and hauls ass while gathering when an assassin, that went into advanced stealth outside the chatbox notification range, comes near him? Multiple times?
  2. There's videos on Youtube that show how to edit the system.cfg to enable the in-game console, which is inaccessible by default. The most NCSoft ever did is make it so it's only doable on 64 bit and not 32 bit, it's still there and still usable. Literally just type "Aion Console" in the search bar, it's in the top 3.
  3. You're fixating on a single example, I'm listing a plethora of examples that multiple people have experienced, this was just the one instance that was recorded, and I'm simply letting you know the cameras are on now.
  4. I say "active Bollvig" because he wasn't killed, he was up, I know the difference between a normal Bollvig and a legendary Bollvig. My connection is 20 ms. I just built this computer 8 months ago, too, so it can obviously handle a game over a decade old, before you start pulling more excuses out of your ass. Don't patronize me, everyone knows how to overwrite the system.cfg, where you can do shit like this: I could link more videos that go more in-depth and give more commands and how to actually edit the file, but on the off-chance NCWest actually has a single person that doe
  5. I'm no stranger to sweaty autism in video games, because I am a sweaty autist. Having a full legion of no-lifers who are often on the game, extremely active, and frequently group and support each other isn't new to me, and I've participated in my fair share of such activities. Roaming gank squads, world bosses and mob farm locations and abyss on lock and on farm for large swaths of time, alt accounts on Asmos spying on rifts and demoralizing people in LFG, is par for the course in Aion and I actively welcome and encourage it. However, with that being said, Israphel is the least populous of
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