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  1. I miss this day so cant say much, but i can say by the first bosses we did in LFG NONE of the weapons went to the right class, a SM got Pole, a sin got Harp etc etc. So yea its sucks for everyone to stay 1hr in boss to have to fight with 130 people rolling a item, while with known people u can do organized and fair roll. Oh not even that, but mostly of LFG are either DUAL client to roll or afk at the kisk (even if i kick the ones in my ally as i did ready check, the others 8 ally didnt care at all). Or even Painters with 30k hp who just die and decide to afk . And its not like our legion
  2. Matsukamy-KT i undertand ur pov. But having at least 1 of those events each 3 months wont kill anyone. Wont kill the game also, some other games like BDO u farm ur gear depend on How much work, in Aion i need To wait All week To farm enoug enchants To try again. 5.0 was bad Because it was 1 event after the other, people complain about it, but that was the only reason f2p could catch the rest. Now instead of having full gear in 6~8 months(or lucky)we need wait 12~16months(not being lucky).Idk My honest opnion being playing since 4.9 and i had never felt incapable of progress in game like i Did
  3. yo, also if u look to korea and taiwan aion event. They give free legendary xform by afk ur toon for 20 days and have 4 events at the same time which is easy to grind for all type of players p2w and free to play
  4. @Cyan thank you for the fast response and update.
  5. Okay, i know the chances are mostly negatives here. But @Cyan should report this to the Team, so they can or fix the number that dropes from boss or lower the price a little bit so non prestige players can be able to get at least 1 transformation scroll. We know they can change prices after event begin, since they did that to tia eye but damn RU server rewards are so nice
  6. @Cyan can u let tell us what should we do, wait for survey or we should send Support an ticket asking for it?
  7. right... https://www.aiononline.com/news/new-store-items-in-march whats the point of doing this if we CANT SEE OUR OWN TOON I would love to buy those skins, once they give make Transparent Scrolls cheap somehow. Transparent Scrolls cheap = more people buying skins MORE MONEY FOR YOU GUYS
  8. wow thats real lucky. Yea its non sense, when i got my ancient i felt 6min was horrible... Cant even imagine with only 4. Maybe one day they realize that zzzzzzzzzzz I ll make sure to keep complaining here
  9. totally agree, when i saw they did that to "balance the game" i was ????????????????? that doesnt help AT ALL us. Who is rich enough to have legendary will have kinah to use scroll all day. We the poor ones that have to suffer. And again our transparent scroll only last 6-4min
  10. I understand what you mean by that. However they have changed our transformation times wheras other regions are set to Ancient 6minutes / Legendary 4 minutes. Therefore we need to use slightly more scrolls than them. I believe it is unlikely that ncwest would have this mindset. But it is always good to complain in the forums to try and reach them in committing changes since we all do have the free time to do that.
  11. WTF, i didnt know our kaisinel transformation longs 5min. I thought it was the yellow as she said ancient transformation AND NOT ULTIMATE
  12. hi @Hime i have 1.3k minium left, can i still use them in 6.2? They were hard to farm I saw minium have different grades.
  13. i think tw server did that, idk i like the idea of 1 new server >_<
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