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  1. Clerics would stop running this if they couldnt sell l/r
  2. It seems that private servers are better than the official server. I'll probably look into private servers or just leave stay away from aion altogether.
  3. I believe it is a group of them. Not just an individual, obviously same group of AP traders. The best you can do is leave the game. I havent played in 2 days and I know it's not alot but I was playing everyday all the time. I dont plan on playing anymore and the only way to get away from this is to quit. I'm sorry to say this to you. I put in alot of time and money as well but this has just gone way too far.
  4. DIRECTLY FROM AION SUPPORT To cancel your recurring Siel’s Aura membership, please follow these instructions: Login to your NC Account associated with your recurring subscription(s) Click Transaction History Click Subscriptions Click the Aion Classic tab Click the Cancel Subscription link Click Yes to confirm you want to cancel the scheduled payment You will receive a confirmation email that your subscription has been cancelled. Please note: Cancelling your subscription will not remove any remaining time from your current membership. It simply cance
  5. They dont have anything new to share cause SCREW YOU! They dont care about us at all! Imagine need to ap trade to kill other players.... Your frankly pathetic... @Kibbelzhow do you stop your siel's aura from renewing?
  6. Dumbest thing I've seen since allowing ap trading.
  7. I know alot of you will have your comments of good riddance and this game isnt for you and what not. I just wanted to say some things here that I truly feel. I played for around 5 years when aion released and love the game. The AP trading that others have done to get ahead has caused me to neglect my family and life. Its not directly their fault at all but this game is extremely competitive, built on being victorious or being defeated. The constant grind I have put in to close this gap is like pulling a sled uphill but the hill gets steeper and steeper every day. It's been made impossible
  8. I am quitting until something is done about AP trading.
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