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  1. A spade is a spade, and will always be a spade. Feedback isn't bad until it becomes a situation where people are sitting on a forum complaining for months or years at a time that "THE SPADE STILL HASN'T STOPPED BEING A SPADE." There are some things that a company will never change about their game no matter how vehemently you oppose it. For example, if you go into a gacha game's subreddit or forums and complain "THIS GAME SUCKS BECAUSE IT'S A GACHA GAME" you're basically screaming into the void because gacha is the industry standard for mobile games, and if they change their business model
  2. Yeah, and you're basing that on your feelings. History and precedent tell us merges have a very brief window after where things are "better," but very shortly afterwards the situation quickly deteriorates and it becomes worse than it was in the first place. It's foolish wishful thinking to expect that it would be any different this time. Why would it be?
  3. Right, because it's selfish to expect that >2000 people's efforts are not disparaged in order to appease 500 people. It's selfish to say "look for other solutions, don't nyerk things up for everyone with a band-aid fix that will work for 3 days before people quit because of it." Everyone on Siel is just being selfish when they don't want their gameplay to go to hell to save 500 people who cared more about winning than having fun, and are now regretting that decision. It's almost like when you "have fun" at other people's expense, by stomping them into dust, the dust suddenly doesn't want
  4. Data (and data analysis) is basically witchcraft to a fool. Only "witches" (evil wrongdoers) could possibly understand it, therefore it must be wrong.
  5. I played the underdog (Asmo) for 4 years on a permanent 70/30 server through merge after merge, because every time they merged an Asmo dominated server into an Elyos dominated server half of the Asmos from the dominating server quit or rerolled Elyos, because they couldn't stomp as hard anymore. Merging is not a solution, because even in scenarios where the "post merge numbers" are perfectly even there will still be people who quit because they only like playing the game if they win every fight. A great (albeit extreme) example of this is the people who choose to hack or bot in order to ga
  6. Right because merging magically solves this issue, and people definitely don't quit because they're pissed off that a balanced server was intentionally made imbalanced in order to appease PvE players. The fact you think 100 extra people is no big deal says all anyone needs to know about you as a player. You probably don't even attend sieges. 20-30 people make the difference between winning or losing, but +100-200? Ah no big deal.
  7. Then you're either bad at reading logs, or you're bad at math. 652 Asmodians, 724 Elyos + 188 Asmodians, 301 Elyos = 840 Asmodians, 1025 Elyos (-185) 722 Asmodians, 639 Elyos + 165 Asmodians, 311 Elyos = 887 Asmodians, 950 Elyos (-63) 631 Asmodians, 705 Elyos + 188 Asmodians, 337 Elyos = 856 Asmodians, 1042 Elyos (-186) 732 Asmodians, 735 Elyos + 225 Asmodians, 340 Elyos = 957 Asmodians, 1075 Elyos (-118) 602 Asmodians, 591 Elyos + 181 Asmodians, 308 Elyos = 793 Asmodians, 899 Elyos (-106) In spite of the fact that when you login to Siel-E during siege you see hundreds of people
  8. If you really want to use that logic, when was the last time Asmodians took Roah or Asteria? Anyone who uses results based analysis to try and prove a point is a nyerking fool. There's a massive difference between "We won't show up until we get a PvP buff" and "No matter how many people we bring we still lose." It's always the former. After every siege you see people talking in Discord and on /3 saying "I would have attended, but NCSoft still hasn't given us incentives." You posted the link to the logs, you can see that Elyos numbers on Siel are the same as Asmodians on any given day
  9. Stop spreading misinformation. (That's a link, click it.) The only reason Siel is "Asmodian Dominated" is because the Elyos are lazy and disorganized. Elyos have already shown that when they actually show up and coordinate with each other they're perfectly capable of winning. And before someone says "Yeah but capable of winning doesn't mean it's balanced, it's still a struggle" - No. When I say "capable of winning" I mean that when Elyos actually show up, once they wipe Asmos once they can never get back into the fort a second time. _____ Siel's numbers are basically dead even, it
  10. Cleric is also the most played class in Classic (at least on Siel) so there's also just the fact that there are a lot more people buying up Slashing/Punishing Wind than there are buying up any of the other books. Notice how Sin, the least played class, also has the least expensive book? It's all supply and demand.
  11. That you would ever defend anyone who AP traded even a single kill says all anyone needs to know about you. You're fine letting people get away with illicit activities as long as they're not the worst offenders. That mindset is exactly why so many people do shit like AP trade, because "Oh 30K AP for a cheap set of accessories won't hurt, there's this dude over here who AP traded 3 million AP for a full set!"
  12. Even if that were true and they didn't ban a single player for AP trading, they still took the steps of removing any illegally obtained items or AP from the accounts. While I stand firmly in the camp of "Permaban anyone who AP trades even a single kill" there are those who are adamant in their defense of banless punishments. As I said in another thread, anything short of a permaban is not even a punishment, because unlike someone spending 30 years in prison and losing their freedoms for those 30 years, the player who AP trades and faces a 7 day ban doesn't actually lose anything for those 7
  13. 1. "There aren't enough people right now because people are taking a break until 1.5, so... I'm quitting so there will be less players, and more people will be likely to feel the same way" 2. I feel your pain living in a country where the exchange rate is ass, but $15 (or $12) is not even close to overpriced for a subscription in 2021. Subscription prices for the most part have not increased despite the ever rising inflation. These companies could realistically be charging double what they are based on the diminished spending power the dollar has compared to 10 years ago, and even that woul
  14. In real life someone who killed their family is guilty of something completely different than someone who robbed a bank, but in a video game there is no difference between someone who cheats a little or cheats a lot. They still disrupted the balance of the game to gain a personal advantage. A temp ban and stripping the account of all the illegally obtained resources isn't even a punishment. You just end up back where you started before you cheated. Someone who goes to prison for 30 years loses 30 years of their life. Someone who faces a week long ban just goes and plays another game for tha
  15. Honestly I think this dude is just trying to turn the situation into the same thing that happened with the SR bans, making it seem like NC banned a ton of people erroneously, and you're all falling for it. Nobody in their right mind defends players banned for AP trading.
  16. This whole thread I've been here just lurking reading agreeing that even if you're not happy with the game, and are no longer playing it you still have a right to sit here and nyerk (even if it makes no sense, because almost 20 years of history show that NC doesn't care about you.) Then I read this. You keep talking about your level 34 character like it's a badge of honor to have been level 34 after 3 weeks. A lot of people were level 30 on the second day. As in June 24th. I won't fault you for being a casual player, but you sit here acting like you're somehow better than everyone else
  17. MXJ


    That's my point. Even the maps that don't need to be obnoxiously large to allow players a place to "hide" from rifters, are still obnoxiously large because when they were developing the game they cared more about making sure it looked pretty than making sure it felt good to play. Obviously they can't just go change the maps now. It was an example of how the maps being large actually does more to hurt the player than it does to benefit them since you said "This is a rifter's PoV that maps are too large." Even your point about Fast Track being the "rift killer" would not be true if the map
  18. For the "Kill your own faction 30 times" you can complete it by killing people in the Arena in Sanctum / Panda. It might take a bit, but 200 points is 200 points.
  19. MXJ


    If those people had zones where they couldn't be killed (or at the very least greatly disincentivized) as well as giving PvPers a dedicated PvP zone then you wouldn't need to make it take 5 minutes just to run from a flight point to the mobs you're trying to kill. Why does Panda have to have this entire left side that you literally can't do anything in? It's just gates and quest NPCs put there to intentionally increase your time running from A to B. Why does Prosperity Road and Vanahal District have to be so far out of the way? Why can't you just use the upper right (empty) corner of the P
  20. The point remains the same - The faction that refuses to play the game seems to expect rewards for doing so. The goalpost just moves from "people aren't sieging" to "people aren't leveling." I see the complaints here, and have both personally experienced and observed every single one of them happen to Asmos as well. If you really want to use "I get ganked" as an excuse, go somewhere you can't be ganked.
  21. Looking at these is interesting, because in almost every single one the Elyos have more players online but less at siege. That coupled with the people complaining that Elyos have less players (all the while it's untrue on both servers) really makes SL-E look like the "I want my participation trophy" faction. It sucks for the people actually showing up and putting in a ton of work, but what is anyone supposed to do about it? - If Asmos reroll Elyos then the numbers advantage only grows larger. - If Asmos start to give Elyos more free forts / contest forts less Asmos kill any morale Elyo
  22. I didn't say that. There are however people in the other thread stating they or people they know have been spamming tickets on new accounts. Responding repeatedly to the automated messages refusing to wait for their ticket to be reviewed. In fact, the very first person to respond to it made a thread on Reddit talking about how they were going to keep responding to their ticket until they got a human response. That coupled with the volume of tickets would make it impossible for any company to resolve in a timely manner. Again, no I didn't. I said that no one has provided any eviden
  23. I already addressed this in the last thread. People lie when they get caught. Someone caught cheating only has something to gain by claiming they didn't cheat, and the company (NCSoft in this case) only has something to lose by banning someone if they didn't actually cheat. It doesn't make sense for NCSoft to choose this hill to die on if people were legitimately erroneously banned.
  24. One more thing I would like to add having worked customer service before: Stop spamming tickets. Updating your ticket every day or so is fine if you haven't gotten a response. Responding to them whenever they respond to you is fine. Submitting a new ticket every day just slows them down. Responding every 30 minutes just slows them down. Making alt accounts to submit more and more tickets just slows them down. The fastest way to get a response is to submit one ticket, and just wait.
  25. NCSoft might be lying when they say "No one was banned for turning in multiple repeats per run" but they don't really have anything to gain by doing so (they actually have a lot to lose.) Plus, if they are lying then we'll never have a resolution for this anyway, so it's better to just assume they're telling the truth and try to figure out what else could be going on here.
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