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  1. Siege Schedule Poll

    Hime,Loki and kib kib, tonight divine siege teleporter was broken so as compensation we all agreed that we get a kaisinel xform but they wanted me to ask.ty
  2. Siege Schedule Poll

    they should monitor siege and grant the ranger that dies the most a kaisinel xform. L oh L lol
  3. ARMOR!

    ncsoft please do something about armor pieces that says its a plate or what ever piece followied by templar glad but aethertech only with magic crit cuz in the heat of the monemt especially when ppl just start the loot process without linking the piece so everyone can get a clear view of it so they dont end up rushing to roll so they dont miss out on a possible piece thats for their class or rolling on someones item during that heated moment...you must understand that some players dont clearly see the stats of it being magic or physical and to be honest its too many things to check for b4 rolling ty. and while at it can you guys please change the animation of arrow deluge to the old spread shot cuz that skill was perfect as is.
  4. Siege Schedule Poll

    half an earth? but at least i never told u no lol. i just wanted you to stop cheating on me every sunday...
  5. Siege Schedule Poll

    vote for midnight and you get a free kaisinel xform...
  6. Siege Schedule Poll

    8pm server time wins i see
  7. Siege Schedule Poll

    aelar i am as nice as i am rude, you just get what u trigger.
  8. Siege Schedule Poll

    London is known for having french lesbian vampires so Aelar, if u manage to come across one please let me know cuz i sleep with my window open n i do have a sexy neck.lol Then again i am the valedia so everything is sexy and dont argue these facts...lol
  9. Siege Schedule Poll

    Arhangelos, ive always loved u even though u stopped paying child support but u do understand that even though there is a poll it doesnt mean we will win and have siege at midnight where it should be cuz IT GIVES PPL MORE TIME.TO ORGANIZE THEIR REAL LIFE WHAT NOT'S AND SUCH...so sexy loki i saw remove the poll and leave it at midnight cuz its best... Since we have 1 world, we should only have 1 time zone.
  10. Siege Schedule Poll

    I mean i gave up sex for aion cuz it hurts n thats fine, but for those that likes the hurt can now appreciate the extra hour im sure...lol
  11. Siege Schedule Poll

    Ty! I already vote midnight and u all should also.
  12. Siege Schedule Poll

    well aion is down and i have nothing to do cuz my goldfish not talking to me anymore and if anyone cares im still in the market looking for that sweet sweet french lesbian vampire...buy e lol
  13. Siege Schedule Poll

    loki i love you cuz ur the god of chaos and mischief and i love em both and kib kib we love u too and welcome to my aion...lol
  14. Siege Schedule Poll

    hey ncsoft send everyone 3000 kaisinel transformation potion so everyone will agree to the midnight siege time i bet u lol.you know rewards make em forget everything lol omg i am soooooooooooooooo happy and i dont know why
  15. Siege Schedule Poll

    1 world=1 time zone so america need to rethink time zones. time zones confuse the hell out of me anyways.