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  1. ncsoft, yall have removed all or most of what excites me with this game...why humans of power always find a way to make things bad? god yall stupid!
  2. In order to send a strong message to ncsoft about how much this event is worthless, NO ONE ATTEND IT AT ALL! sometimes its best to show how you feel through actions rather than continuously posting how you feel about it...
  3. honestly if these events dont have legendary or ulti xforms along with legendary/ulti manastones of choice is a complete waste of time as these are the important things we prefer to have a chance at obtaining...
  4. now thats a strong cup of joe to give the shakes like that...lol
  5. The valedia will be heading out shortly to start what will be a wild birthday???...???
  6. lol well i got the replacement keuboard for my laptop and yesterday my desktop keyboard arrived so just need to find a perfect motherboard and case to start my venture into owning my very first desktop...
  7. In regards to the minion upgrades, try to find a way to keep the A rank minion like sheba looking the same after upgrading to s rank and adapting the gold color as its quite ugly honestly...change isnt always good?!.
  8. Viseris, ty again for the help and i pretty much have everything working properly...appreciated! now im just waiting on my new keyboard for my laptop and my regular desktop keyboard...
  9. well it seems i can use the keyboard thats plugged into the tv in tv mode but not in game mode without connecting it directly to my laptop...
  10. ok it seems i cant just connect my keyboard to the tv usb as the tv isnt pairing with it so i have to still connect it via laptop right?
  11. what i did was just press the home button and it went back but now on the tv showing my pc home screen some of the apps are kinda cut out like the resolution on the tv says 1920 by 1080 but my laptop 1600 by 900 which is the highest it goes on my laptop...brb like 10mins
  12. ok well as it is now i can see the image of whats on my pc on the tv, but all i did was connect the hdmi to pc and tv then i went into the input option on the tv and select hdmi 1 and now i can see whats on the pc on the tv but i didnt change anything on the display on the pc...my question now is how do i go back to tv mode when the tv itself is lets say in pc mode? if that makes sense lol
  13. Thank you very much for responding and the information...side note i use opera browser but i do have google chrome...when it comes to hdmi, does the gold tip ones make much difference over the clear ones?
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