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  1. Think of my personality as the introduction of the powerpuff girls but with a twist...sugar spice but not everything nice depending on how you come at me and we all can get along just fine and yes i am rude disrespectful and all that jazz but am i not the one thats always responding but never starting...? The problem they seem to have with me is the fact that i would choose to react in a rude or insulting manner to one deserving where as they would not therefore distancing themselves from the deemed rude one...Where is the freedom of self without judgement and punishment?😁😈😁ofc you know my fav
  2. be it a lost cause or a regular cause at least im a cause n that feels good lol😁now am i a worthy cause or not is what we should need and or try to figure out lol😈or we could stop all this fighting n become bff's so you could finally say you have a friend thats not so typical and agreeable like most...😁are you afraid of something/someone totally diff=different?😈😁😈lol...And i'm not stewww-pid, i'm just not smart all the way lol...god how long have i been wanting to use that one? lol🤣Thank you very much for giving me the chance to use that one vessttemona i really appreciate it and i can finally
  3. be it a lost cause or a regular cause at least im a cause n that feels good lol😁now am i a worthy cause or not is what we should need and or try to figure out lol😈or we could stop all this fighting n become bff's so you could finally say you have a friend thats not so typical and agreeable like most...😁are you afraid of something/someone totally diff=different?😈😁😈lol
  4. Dont forget to also report dmob for calling me an IT...but your head is soooooooooooooooooooooo far up my azz you cant see clearly whats going on but i guess he must be a friend of yours also...jack a!
  5. Please remove parry evasion and block from cloth and also cleric chain gear...no need when retuning or at least add the true meaning of selective retuning that would allow us to actually pick the stat we want...
  6. ncsoft, Would you guys please consider putting the ingame character page on the login screen where our characters are so we can see our gear/accessories pieces just so we can better decide which toon we want to log cuz honestly i forget everyday which toon has all their pieces and which dont...
  7. Thank you for the kind words and speaking on my behalf soft n fluffy💖
  8. based on the last 10 years being here ive seen how you (normal)people behave and treat others so needless to say i'll remain my weird sweet self cuz it's always the normal ones you hear about doing some crazy unspeakable things or dont you watch the news much...but dmob,you me and laoly use to speak to each other back in the days but ask yourself what i did to you both for the sudden change...fake is what you are!
  9. your ugly ass nyerk of a mother is an IT with your retard sounding ass...
  10. I have seen y'all post none related questions on these threads and i guess thats fine cuz all of yall are friends but let someone that ur not friends with post and its hey lets all attack her but as i said b4, you people!
  11. blah blah blah, shut the hell up once and for all and when ever you see a post from me just try your damn hardest to not reply cuz if you've noticed i cant remember specifically asking you for any advice and if i did ty for the help/response and in closing as you get older, you do not control this forum and ive seen several times over ppl responding or speaking about none thread related topics but its funny how you only focus on what valedia does but this is not the first time ive had personal haters and it wont be the last...dictating jackass wannabe...dont respond!
  12. soft n fluffy im gonna afk and watch a 5 hour resident evil gameplay as most of my event thingies are done and i aint running no abyssal 8 or 15 times for no stupid 25 frags...buy-e for now😋
  13. oh imma izza gonna do the heck out of it lol...they need to make those writing on the motherboard much much easier to see and read cuz they are like really small to the point u have to use a mag mag lens lol
  14. ncsoft, yall need to increase the abyssal fragments from 25 to 50 or 100 at least cuz this 25 is crap with most things yall give...
  15. I does really try n come on here with a positive attitude but then its always someone that likes or tries to control the shit ppl do and that really bothers me so try n understand that ppl like you are the ones i find annoying as all hell so just stop ok... I understand 4,057 post later means this is your life but boy you really need to go get laid and calm the phuck down...
  16. Thank you for the response but omg boy you really need to stop with this shit you be on...are you the forums manager? Oh and at best you may call it a topic but i call it crying n bitching between some grown and probably most young kids...you need to stop n get off that high horse... You are taking these forum convrsations tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn serious...
  17. well i just figured the computer needed a hdd for all the other files and programs and i was gonna install the games on the standard ssd but from what ive learned so far it would be best to add the operating system on the ssd since it affects the overall performance of the computer but not so much the games...just need ot know if i need to spend more money than i wish getting pieces i dont need lol and morning soft n fluffy...
  18. Soft n fluffy its 1am n the valedia has to get up late this morning so ty for the info about the ssd's...later n buy-e😈
  19. well today my 1tb ssd arrived and i installed it but i have a 2tb hdd and 1 m.2 pcie nvme gen3 x4 on order and my motherboard is asrock b450m steel legend which i believe has another slot for another m.2 but i think its a sata...so these m.2 nvme and sata m.2 are just smaller versions of a standard size ssd correct? honestly i was thinking of installing both m.2 along with 2 standard size ssd and the hdd...is it safe to install them all? ty for responding...
  20. I just installed my 1tb ssd but on the board it says i have 2 m.2 slots so my question is do i need to install both of them with the already installed 1tb sdd and the 2tb hdd thats on its way?
  21. I didnt say no pvp i said arena pvp and not open world pvp as that is what makes a game unbalanced especially since most of the items they will sell on the cash shop will be geared towards the pvpers thus recking the pve'ers...keep the 2 se-pa-ra-ted but cater to both so it becomes a win win for all...omg! cant u see on this forum we have 2 crying parties? pvp'ers and pve'ers...damn
  22. why y'all think ff14 is such a successful game? no open world pvp cuz the pvp aspect they have is pretty much arena that the community does not even speak of... All the gm's from here play ff14 and when they receive the maint or patch updates via their phones from ncsoft they just say brb i have to paste something on aion forums and thats the truth lol...
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