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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 29, 2019

    If you look closely you'll see that the first five items are for a limited time only- they were meant to be implemented after the full GP reset when everyone was compensated with gold ingots. The image is still getting reposted because NA is the only region to not get an updated GST with goodies to use our GP ingots on. (This is why there's more emotes on the broker these days btw- nothing worth buying with our gold bars and it seems increasingly unlikely NA will add anything. So, emotion box it is. Go go Shugo Rangers~)
  2. Enchant rate broken?

    Okay so I don't think the rates are broken, but the means of acquisition are a bit busted. Like, the morphing recipes were a huge boost, don't get me wrong, but we could really use more ways to earn legendary and ultimate stones. Maybe just legendary even, and keep the ultis restricted to morphing. The gems, fighting spirit fragments, and guiding stones are an extremely effective bottleneck to keep people from hitting max gear too fast. Gearing up is a process that should take a bit of time! But if stones were more plentiful, it wouldn't feel like such a devastating blow when our enchantments fail, and you'd see a lot less reports of the rates being broken.
  3. What was wrong the old siege mechanics?

    I think we need a specific system for the nuances of our region, but frankly I'm not sure anyone who does coding or development for Aion cares enough to do that for us. There's been lots of good ideas of how to implement GP into arenas, instances with non-repeatable quests, quests for different ranked PVP kills in open world, and many others that would be so cool to see put into play. Like, one of my favourite ideas is that to maintain your Abyss Rank (I have mixed feelings on how it would relate to the competition ranking), a certain amount of your GP gain must come from siege participation. And I'd like to see GP entirely removed from the mobs outside the fortress if other means aren't added, because I'm just sick to death of people blowing their xforms in the first few minutes so they can fight over scraps. The good thing about the coalition system was that everyone had to work together, and support classes weren't penalized for lack of dps. At least, I don't think it was as severe as in the current patch? My memory is a little fuzzy on the GP credit because a downside of coalitions was that it was mostly a big old afk fest and I quit attending regularly after a while. That and the system abuse, another downside of coalitions. Echhh. Anyways I basically think NA needs adjustments to how GP is earned, so that There are multiple methods of GP gain, to prevent having a dozen people with the exact same GP count It's not flagrantly p2w; the IB resets were outta control and we all know it People aren't rewarded for playing in a way that's actively detrimental to their faction (afking, wasting xforms, sniping captains, etc. etc.) It's not a 100% PVE dps race like practically everything else in the game right now that's worth doing (IDD, PF, ADredge, and ID are already like this; now the GP mobs and artifact flipping quests have the exact same thing going on. Snoozle.)
  4. At this point I don't care about the implementation method, I am just desperate to see more skins, motions, and furniture brought back. (And for new ones to be brought into circulation! Note that by "new" I mean skins we haven't gotten in NA yet. There's various anniversary and 4.8 costumes we still haven't seen here and they're not even the copyrighted ones please send help I'm laying facedown on the floor crying softly rn) The costume rotation in the BCM should be updated with more content more frequently, and be specifically for new releases. I'd like for the old armors and skins we used to be able to craft with luna be made available in the GST as intended (@Gideon *polite cough*) or from a NPC like this.
  5. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    I've been enjoying the activity all over the map and the pvp has been crazy fun, but what's not fun is having to compete against friends and factionmates for quest credit. I'd love to see changes made to the artifact quests so that they can be completed and shared within an alliance. I've already seen people bringing their alts along, and there's plenty of group vs group vs group vs group (a mix and match of elyos and asmodians all over the place)- so why not consolidate things into alliance vs alliance in open world? Not only is it damn fun, it gives incentive for players of the same faction to play together, more people will get their quests completed faster, it will be safer for lowbies and undergeared players to complete their genesis camps, and there will be waaaay less in-fighting. I really do appreciate a lot of the changes made to ranking up and GP but like others have said across various threads, it's extremely self-serving. Rather than encouraging players to work together, all I've seen as a result of the GP system in its current state is people selfishly wasting their xforms at the start of siege to get credit from the GP mobs, playing solo or in small groups outside the league to try getting higher tier rewards, and sniping artifact captains from other groups. Like honestly I give it maybe another week or two before we start seeing recruitment ads in LFG saying things like "GP quests- high dps only" and that's such a sad attitude to cultivate.
  6. 7 months ago...

    Gonna rewatch the whole thing just to see what else they lied about lol
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    I've checked with several people and they remember the news post saying we'd be getting 400% exp and such on DN and KT- however, I have no way to confirm this because Wayback Machine doesn't have the news article or the FAQ thread archived. Totally possible I'm remembering wrong, but ninja edits to official posts and threads have already happened regarding free transfers from EK to DN, so I guess from now on I'll try to take screenshots of these announcements. Sigh.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    I haven't seen anyone fussing about the survey on this thread- I don't want to speak for everyone but a lot of us are confused and indignant that it was announced that after the merge, we were getting the full 400% etc buffs that EK received but now that May 22 has rolled around, the new announcement has halved them. It's just a bit crummy all around and I wish they wouldn't pull this kind of nonsense so often.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    @Cyan Originally we were told we would get the same server-wide buffs that EK had. Why has everything been sneakily edited and changed so that we only get half as much? I genuinely don't understand what the harm would be. I think the only acceptable explanation, for me at least, would be the intention to re-implement rotating weekend buffs but even then... I don't know, it just feels like NCWest is being mean and disappointing and stingy for no real reason at all now. Did everyone at the office see how happy the playerbase was with their compensation for the flower event and AP bugs, and decide 'oh no we can't have that' while wickedly twirling their mustaches? 'Cause that's what it feels like at this point! Geez. ;_;
  10. Compensation for the returning players

    I know it sucks but non-officer players simply weren't affected by the bug in the same way and so they don't need the same compensation. Unranked players still got their legendary stones, crafting/purification mats, IDD reset scrolls, AP, and GP from sieges and instances. If people chose not to participate in anything and encouraged others to do the same, even after it was announced that we would receive compensation, I really feel like that's on them. :1 And it's not as though this was some huge gamebreaking compensation either; people who didn't get the AP and ulti stones aren't being left in the dust by those who did.
  11. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    I have the ancient for my class, I never said otherwise. But just because I do, that doesn't mean everyone does. Songweavers and technists especially struggle because out of the 18 ancient transformations, only one of them gives 21% attack speed and magical stats. The people who don't have Tiamat's Apostle aren't liars, they just haven't been rewarded in their Aion experience in the way you have, believe it or not. At least as a cleric main I could use the Bloodfang from pumpking until I got my ideal (Tiamat Drakans) at the very end of the flower event. Most people who have worked and grinded for contracts still don't have a legendary transformation. What bubble are you playing in that everyone who just tries hard gets their desired outcome? Are all of your friends in full Ultimate Frostspark just because they've run PF/IDD every week as well? Then again, the nyerk poor smug attitude of "I did __ so that means everyone else can, and if they haven't they are just lazy and entitled" isn't one I'm surprised by after the time I've spent in this community. Especially from the likes of KT and EK, who are downright infamous for being snobs and wallet warriors. If legendaries weren't included in the rewards list for this particular event, I wouldn't have any grand designs of getting one any time soon. But they are included, just entirely out of reach unless I pay for it. If they're not meant to be obtainable through natural gameplay during the event, and are only acquirable through paying real money, just put the contracts on the BCM. That is what I'm objecting to, more than anything. And yet here we are, with most of the playerbase still rocking ancient transforms. Curious.
  12. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    Okay, and what about the people who have been participating in every event and every pve instance on every toon on their account since 6.0 dropped, who don't have a legendary transformation or even the best ancient transform for their class? You're absolutely full of nonsense and assuming every player has the same experience as you. It's almost as if Aion doesn't inherently reward you for your time and effort. Perhaps RNG is at play here...! :0 Imagine getting a legendary transformation for free from an event. And yes, obviously? Please explain how else we're supposed to get transformations if not by playing the game, of which events are a part? P2W is an option, yes, but you keep citing laziness as the reason people don't have legendaries, and I don't think paying for it isn't inherently more honest or hardworking. Not every single player needs to have the ideal legendary transform for their class at this exact moment, but they should have at least one. Because like you said in your other thread, it's been months and months and they should have one if they've been participating. And they have been participating. They've been playing the game, running the instances, participating in the events, and a lot of us just don't have luck on our side. There's nothing wrong at all with an event that rewards you in a 1:1 ratio of time/effort you put in and rewards you get out of it. The day to day RNG doesn't do this; that's the point of events. So if people dutifully run the event every day and get S rank, they should be able to get a nice reward. Maybe not the best of the best, but a nice one all the same.
  13. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    I was really looking forward to this event but, like many others, after seeing how it's actually been implemented I find myself disappointed. I can understand where people are coming from, and I can accept the legendary selection box being a purely p2w reward. However, the fact that the random legendary isn't even achievable by running every day of the event with S rank seems... a bit underhanded. From the looks of things, some people won't even be able to manage an ancient. (If you want to charge players for legendary transformations, then cut the crap and put legendary contracts on the BCM.) But what I don't understand is this: So much of the 6.0 patch has been about rebalancing- gear, skills, classes, the economy, instances, abyss ranks. Why are so many people on the forums right now, across all the different threads on the topic of this most recent event, acting as though everyone getting a legendary transformation for their class and being on an even playing field with everyone else, is a bad thing? There are different tiers of transformations for the same reason there's different tiers of gear. You start at the bottom and work your way up to better and better gear, transformations, and manastones. Pretty much everyone who played when 6.0 first dropped got their ancient transformations during the pumpking event in October; there haven't been any other events as rewarding with ancient contracts until the flower event approximately six months later. It's fair if people think the legendary selection box is a little much, but it's hardly ridiculous for us to want the average player to have at least one legendary transformation under their belt by now.
  14. Bots

    Rather than let bots run rampant, they should do what they did in 5.0- reduce the drop rates from open world mobs, but have NPC vendors sell bundles of crafting materials with a weekly limit. The rarer or more valuable mats should be restricted to whoever owns the fortress; this would be the 6.0 equivalent of being able to buy spirit stone bundles from a NPC in the Abyss at Landing Level 5.
  15. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    @SneakAttack-DN I didn't feel attacked at all- I hope I didn't come off too defensive or anything! People are always real mad in the forums so I try to monitor my tone but it's like- geeeeeeez I just want Aion to be a healthy game with a positive experience, and NC seems determined to handle everything in the worst way possible. So if I seem frustrated it's just at our collective situation, not at individuals.
  16. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    @SneakAttack-DN Full disclosure, I only started playing in January 2016 and by the time I was doing anything other than leveling my construction craft and actually wanted to understand and progress in the game, it was 4.9 already. I just do a lot of history research and talk to veterans regularly. My best guess as to why they've been letting everyone transfer willy nilly so far is that they either don't know about the gradually growing imbalances across the servers (on account of 1. not playing the damn game 2. not interacting with their playerbase), or they care more about the money from paid transfers than the state of things in Aion. Maybe both? I try to be optimistic but my general feeling towards NC these days is a big ol' sigh. Also, I hadn't realized that luna was account shared- I don't buy it for anything other than reusing skins in my wardrobe, so that's my misunderstanding. Sorry about that! Still, I do think the kinah has potential to be a bigger problem than you're making it out to be. The survey kinah influx is what's making prices on EK skyrocket, and I'm not very interested to see how DN could be affected by this. And yeah I know there's people who say they have billions of kinah but they're really in the minority. I'm generally sitting at a comfortable 300-400mil because my class's manastones are dirt cheap, but many players are struggling pretty hard in the new economy. Yes, EK mains will need that kinah to be viable on other servers- but I'm still really worried to see how things will look when people transfer their EK alts and introduce multiple billions of kinah into the system, as well as utilize their newfound riches to boost up their mains. If the luna, prestige pass, and contracts can be used to a player's benefit regardless of server then I don't see what the problem is with keeping the already character-locked assets on a different one. Like basically if all everyone wants is just to use the kinah and stigma enchantment stones to boost up their real main, I'll stand by the opinion that they shouldn't be able to do so at all. NC is just so greedy and out of touch that they'll let people pay to.
  17. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    I just want to clarify that I understand that a lot of people on this thread are upset about the miscommunication and changes made to the original news statement. And, same tbh. However, I think the changes were necessary... even if they weren't executed in the best way. Not being able to transfer or make characters of a certain race on one server or another isn't unheard of- not by a long shot! Elyos/Asmodian balance is a tricky thing to manage, and I know it sucks but I really think NC is making the right call by not allowing EK (asmos in particular, imo) to transfer to DN for free. I've hoped for quite a long time that EK-A would go to KT and EK-E to DN, to help support and balance both servers. Like, honestly they should probably keep KT-A from coming over here too, and prevent DN-E from moving to KT while they're at it. Because, while I don't think the imbalance is nearly as dramatic as people like to claim, you definitely feel that asmos are the more dominant force on Danaria. And that's why you get soooo many DN elyos jumping ship to KT, and all it does is make things worse and worse. But the problem with EK isn't even just about numbers. God knows they don't have the numbers. However, you have to consider the influx of resources, especially from the latest survey rewards. How many people in this thread alone have stated that they want to consolidate their resources on their DN accounts? Please consider the idea that a faction who is already considered stronger wouldn't just be getting some extra players but they would also be getting luna, kinah, and materials to boost themselves up. Again, I feel like this just makes the discrepancy worse. Yes, some of the people here genuinely want to transfer to be on their home server or to play with new and old friends alike. But a lot of people just want to take advantage of their random EK alt to get goodies on their main. There's no way to distinguish the two types of people as a company, so NC has to make blanket decisions. And while they didn't explain their decision in a way that encourages trust between them and their already-frowny playerbase, overall I think they made the right one.
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    @Cyan I know you get a lot of undeserved flack as the only active/visible member of the Aion team here on the forums, but could I ask what it even means to be "actively investigating" the issues we as the community bring to light? Because at this point, it just sounds like copied and pasted pretty words that mean absolutely nothing. I like to think you are all at least aware of the current problems, but it's hard to believe that there's any sincere intention to remedy things because week after week, month after month, the exact same issues are present. So why should I believe that the newest bugs are going to be fixed in a timely manner? The AP one hasn't even been formally addressed, and it's one that actually affects gameplay and grinds progression to a halt. :I
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    Please address the AP bug affecting players with 1* officer rank and higher, and update the GST with temporary items we can purchase with our GP-converted gold bars. I would also appreciate the missing guestblooms and furniture being fixed in the future. Thank you.
  20. AP and GP are broken, guestblooms and furniture are still missing, and I would complain more about the lack of skins available to buy, craft, or BCM but we still don't have reasonably priced Transparent scrolls in the GST so what does it even matter. But hey, at least we got a bunch of gold ingots to use- oh wait.
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    A 6+ hour maintenance is plenty enough time to include transparent scrolls on the GST. o/
  22. OMG i can't do afk EC anymore

    I quick queued into an EC lobby just now, immediately teleported to the mid flag, and headed towards the Asmodian base with the rest of my alliance- got kicked before I could so much as take my weapon out to attack the captain. I'm sending in a ticket of course but I'm really peeved to see the EC abuse kicking is something we have to deal with again.
  23. EK Server Situation

    I still think the best solution for this EK mess would be to send the EK Elyos to DN and the Asmodians to KT, and give these players enough kinah (maybe 300mil?) to be viable in the different servers' economies. A merge that reset everything like DN and KT would be very very silly imo. I mean, renaming is easy enough to manage, the GP and abyss ranking systems need to be adjusted in general without involving a full reset, and housing isn't a problem (on DN-E at least) as there's houses, mansions, and estates for sale every week. Just chuck these handfuls of players to the servers that need a population boost and we're golden o/
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 20, 2019

    I just wanna say it's the silliest, dumbest thing that the event dolls accumulate per account but can't be stored in the account warehouse. But ehhh that's neither here nor there. The real priority is still:
  25. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 13, 2019

    Right, so first and foremost: Or failing that- because heaven forbid anything on the Gold Sand Traders get updated- consider making transparent scrolls the result for when the dolls break. Regular transformation scrolls aren't any kind of reward and I'm just... trying not to think about the stupid gems being included on the rewards list. Transparents as the event consolation prize would be decent