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  1. Costume Rotation

    I'd love to see skins from around 4.8 such as Regent Garb, Royal Hanbok, Summery Linens etc etc, and old bosses/instances added to the BCM- things like the sea feast/wave song weapons (PLEASE MERCIFUL JESUS I would sell my soul not to farm Prectaz for the hermit crab shield anymore), Delegate's, corrupt judge, and ancient spirit headwear. I'd be pleased as punch if any of these made it into the cash shop. But please, really all I ask is no more skins we can get from luna. It's such a damn disappointment every time :'/
  2. Cleric SR Set

    Thanks to the current event, I'm making progress on my gear sets much much faster than I had accounted for. Previously I decided to abandon my SR set plans but I'm lowkey considering picking it up again. I'm just not really sure how to go about this though, what the best armor options are or how to socket. Do I go for Boundless, 75AP, do I mix in 65 gear to use ancient stones or go for full agility/power? All that jazz Any advice from fellow clerics would be super duper appreciated!
  3. Cleric SR Set

    Oh, my block set is long completed, no worries. I was just wondering if Boundless was good for SR as well, but if 75ap is my best bet I'll totally go for that- thank you! As for socketing, I've heard I should use a mix of agility for SR and then power for pdef? I'm a bit hopeless on what stones to use and numbers to aim for, I don't think I even know where SR caps out ;;
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 11, 2018

    Will the accessory boxes be fixed? I know in a different thread we were told to send in tickets to switch combat boxes for magic, but it's taking quite a bit of time to get taken care of- probably because so many of us have several boxes we're trying to get exchanged. Fingers crossed that this gets fixed up during maintenance! :0
  5. Hmm, normally my go-to favourite is Levinshor but if I have to pick an Elyos map I think I'd pick Inggison It's the first map that I reached and went, wow! This is really dazzlingly beautiful! And the red name mobs actually frightened me, as silly as that sounds. But even with the nostalgia aside, I think it's a really big and beautiful map with tons of stuff to explore, I love the mob designs, and it has/had some pretty cool mechanics. (I miss land sieges T o T)
  6. Sunayaka

    How convenient that so many of the most intense skin collectors are also clerics
  7. Rotation Costume Suggestion

    I'm still holding out for Royal Hanbok and Regent Garb, but I'd be happy just to see skins on the BCM that haven't already saturated the market during past events ;;
  8. When you try to jump and glide in every other game- bonus points if you die from the fall damage
  9. @Cyan Server Buffs? Please explain.

    We were told that the power up buffs would be returning at some point, but claiming that this random implementation was "planned" is really a stretch... Last time we were given more than a week's notice and an official post on the event page. I'm wondering if maybe it's better for them to ignore us and not respond at all, when nonsense like this is the alternative. Heaven preserve me :1
  10. @Cyan Server Buffs? Please explain.

    Seeing the enchantment and tempering buffs implemented out of the blue has just aggravated me more than ever, to be quite honest. I loved the last time we had this event because it was announced early and I had plenty of time to stock up on stigmas, omegas, and tempering solutions. Right now it just feels like a desperate attempt to both pacify the community and earn back some cash from all those lost subscription players. I'll use a few of the supplies I have on hand but there's no way in hell I'm investing any real money into this. Talk about adding insult to injury ://
  11. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    Uhhhh at least I know what to aim for now? Thank you I think? :''D Good lord I wasn't expecting the soulstones to be that expensive though. Oof.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    I don't really care if the npc is up or not. I mean it's stupid and inconvenient but more than anything I'm just terribly annoyed that we don't even get the updated list of reward prices. The fatty farming isn't so bad, it gives me something to do while I listen to new music or catch up on podcasts- and pvping in the eye has been pretty fun when I need a break from the grind. But I can't bring myself to farm coins with no goal in sight. Not bothering to join any farm leagues until I know what I'm working for. ://
  13. @Gideon (hear the community)

    I love the idea of limited sales for the event items, that's a very clever and effective fix!
  14. Broken Hearts Reward List

    Other people having a nice thing doesn't take away your nice thing ʅ(´▿` )ʃ
  15. Someone brought this up in LFG today and I didn't see a concrete answer so I was wondering- do the Twin's Gifts from Homeward Bound disappear from our inventories after the event ends or can we continue to level up and open these boxes? (I know the 65 Celebratory Box lasts for 30 days so I still have time left to level for those at least.) Thank you so much in advance! o/
  16. Aetherforge Materials?

    As far as I know, no one has ever gotten a Stone of Life fragment from primordials. Like, every single life fragment I've seen on the broker or mentioned in LFG, discord, the forums, etc etc has been from a lockbox. Correct me if I'm wrong and you know someone who got it as a drop! But for now I'm thinking it's a bug or NC flat out forgot to include these in the loot table 'cause I know people who have killed hundreds upon hundreds of those primordial bosses with no luck.
  17. Chanter Healers VS clerics

    After reading through this thread, a friend of mine pulled out her old best beloved Kahrun set to try running CoE with it, just for fun. But after the first boss knocked her down to about 10% HP she switched back to her current gear. Maybe if she pimps it out and I finish my HB set eh? Anyhoo, I know older players will swear by concentration, I don't notice my casts getting interrupted much personally? (I'm surprised more folks don't try stacking agility in new gear for the concentration!) I really feel the difference when people in my group don't have those damage mitigating buffer stats or PVE defense though- and when I don't have it myself. Oof.
  18. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    I was really looking forward to this event coming back with updated rewards, because I loved the Giving Grove mechanics, but this is barely worth afking on alts for. Personally I was hoping for the standard temperings and omegas, with consumables like skill boost reassignment scrolls, major feli boxes, and chronos stones in the mix- maybe some shiny gear and skins we've yet to get on NA for good measure! I suppose that was a bit too much to wish for. What really gets me though is that hardly any of the rewards are relevant to archdaeva content; things like pallasite crystals, level 50-60 composites, hyperion gear, and eternal 65 feli boxes have no business being event rewards, especially during Christmastime. I'm honestly so disappointed in this, I don't know what else there is to say. Yay for lucky scroll pouches? :I
  19. Cleric CPs

    In PvE heal spec I pretty much never put any essence into the base stats. I love boosting my heal skills instead, maxing out the ones I (personally) use most often- this is also a really handy tactic when I'm healing on alts with less gear and therefore way less HB than my main. Generally my setup looks something like this, with some points tossed into the basic earth form as well. I might not use Terraskin often but it's still awfully nice to have in a pinch! For harder instances I'll usually take out punishment energy and focus on HP or mana management instead, but it's so cool and shiny I just can't seem to resist popping it in the easy peasy dungeons
  20. Need more ways to get Ancient Manastones

    Like it was mentioned above, the ancient manastone donuts don't drop anywhere as of 5.3- I was stocking up on them like crazy before the patch, because I knew I wanted a msupp set and wouldn't get the stones otherwise. If you do ever want to farm the blue stones though, I'd totally suggest spamming Danuar Santuary. Once you're level 73 you can skip all the mobs and just open the treasure chests for relics/AC bundles/manastones! (This is what I'm doing for my strike resist gloves )