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  1. it seems, nc soft doin realy nothing against the bots. the bots are already attacking my mobs and ks me, maybe after siels aura is over best thing i could do is quit aion classic. thx for your great support ncsoft
  2. The Whole Legion <cctv> Asmo side Siel, is full of bots, please, ban the whole legion
  3. Bullshit!!! I never Seen a gm. One gm online at least for 3h could Ban min 50% of The Bots. But Nobody Cares about it GG ncsoft Gg
  4. Thx ncsoft for Not answering. I still Play The Game. But plsssssssss give Download Link for one of your 20 legal Bots.
  5. Did I not notice something or is it now allowed to bot? With so many bots running around in beluslan and brusthonin, must it be ok to have a bot by now or am I wrong? apparently nobody is banned so it must be legal. so dear ncsoft team, can you give us a link where you can download the bots you have accepted? Many Thanks
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