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  1. In Memory of Instagib

    Going to leave a 2nd comment. Instagib or whatever you want to call him was a great player. A lot of people are carried by their gear opposed to their actual skill. He was actually skilled and could play. The nostalgia of Aion is surreal at times for me at least, it's a joke what it has become now. With that all said, going back to Instagib the player, he is someone I'm going to remember for a long time as long as I have still got memories of Aion in my head cause he played a huge role for his faction during the 4.0 days specifically up until 5.0 or whenever Katalam/Danaria got deleted which made everyone quit due to the lack of content and terrible map designs. Again, RIP to Gibb.
  2. Opinions are opinions, and everything is subjective but for me 3.0 was the absolute best patch Aion has ever had and gave me the most good memories of playing Aion as well as frustrating days as well like getting ganked when leveling, but here's why 3.0 was the best. Playerbase -Siel had so many players then, and any game with a lot of players is a good thing, the community is alive, lots of chances to make friends, be social etc..... Broker prices - The broker prices in 3.0 was really cheap to about how they are currently. 4.0 everything like skins skyrocketed in price like up to 200mil for a lot of costumes. Rifting - For me, rifting/pvp was the best thing about Aion as well as one of the most frustrating things about Aion outside of manastone socketing which made many quit. Pride between the two factions abyss wars whether western shard, or forts hard instances.... As hard as they were, I miss that. Now instances are cupcakes and are jokes. Maps/Areas..... I miss all those old areas that I leveled through and got so many memories of. Eltnen being the map I miss the most, and then Katalam, too bad they are all gone, even Veteron, I loved it, so many memories. Abyss point system - Way better than any other system they tried, or have done. Only if they could have reset every 3 months to zero, and start all over on ranking system, would have been perfect. Sarpan duels...... Pretty good entertainment at night on the weekends and stuff, they drew quite a crowd sometimes. I don't miss the old manastone socketing format, that was terrible. I also hated the RNG of getting gear drops from instances that took you hours to do only to walk away empty handed. Those are the two worse things about Aion 3.0 Aion 4.0 was the next best patch with all the new costumes, and classes. Only thing I didn't like about 4.0 was the change to the GP system, and influx of hackers compared to previous patches. Also gear dictated a lot of things in terms of PvP VS Skill. After 4.0, or should I say 4.5? Whenever they introduced Cygnea, everyone quit. Removing Katalam and Danaria was the worse decision they ever made. I'm convinced if they had not removed those maps, the games playerbase or for siel at least would have still been pretty big for a few more years until maybe 2017 at least. It is what it is. I could tell many stories from leveling experiences, pvp experiences, social experiences during the times of 3.0 and 4.0. I don't think any new patch would create memories like that. You got from 1 to what, 80 in a day? You coast through instances solo now with a group....... Times have changed.
  3. Can we request to Korea from here ?

    Bring back Katalam and Danaria as level 80 maps (make all mobs nearly group mobs, all instances group instances). Have camps for a new type of marks for the best gear so everyone can get the best gear if they explore. Change the pvp system to abyss points only with 3 month resets. Delete the glory points. Ability to hide transformation look. Make 2 more maps, each exclusive to both races, and allow rifting so we can actually bring back rifting which was the most fun, hell, I'd add 2 maps for each faction honestly, just to have rifting options. Bring old maps back as level 80 zones, why not? Can you imagine Eltnen being a 75-80 zone? To be honest, as much as cool as Katalam and Danara both were, Eltnen was my favorite area of Aion, and the rifting. I'd love to see Eltnen back over both of the other two areas.
  4. In Memory of Instagib

    I remember him well, throughout the years. A really good Sorc/player. RIP Gibb, tho I never knew you or was on your faction, I ran into you many times throughout the years. -Win
  5. Rest in pieces, Aion

    In my opinion. They should just shut the servers down for NA, and EU for good and work on bringing closure to Korea and shutting the server down there and begin a development for a sequel of some sort, and call it Aion 2. I've been here since 2012 when 3.0 was at it's peak. I was saying after they removed Katalam/Danaria, Sarpan and Tia that the game would die, and within a year... It did. People were telling me "Oh no it won't, and 5.0 will bring many players back"...... It didn't and neither will 6.0 which is furthermore going to kill pretty much the remaining playerbase outside of rank whores, home whores. When I think of a MMO game, I think of a game with many area's to explore. Aion 6.0 is getting rid of many area's, and you're going to be stuck leveling on one map. The whole lore of Aion and story gets destroyed furthermore with the whole Abiss thing, and the whole not being able to fly thing which was pretty important to the story of Aion back then. I just don't understand, it'd be nice if a developer could just come out and talk about the idea of 6.0, and why they going to remove all this content. You guys think you know the answers but don't. While the 3.0 days were rough in grind, I cherish them, those were some of the best times of my life gaming on the PC, and playing this game that was my favorite MMO game.Going to Eltnen for the first time and being introduced to PVP and rifting etc... Anyhow, those days are long gone. I think it's best just to shut the game down, consider making a Aion 2 before destroying this game furthermore cause they are, and no one is going to even want to play a Aion 2 if they knew how much this one went to shit. MMO's themselves is a dying breed. Now it's all about what game is mainstream and lets go band wagon it. It was League, now it's Fortnite. Mobile Phone app games are going to probably take over the world and furthermore just kill MMO's. Besides Aion is an old game, it's not like this is Runescape or something which still has a playerbase. It's just a shame man. I could type a novel here about the memories I had, the rough days of grinding, the intense amount of PVP moments rifting or being invaded, and the struggles and hours of going through Steel Rake, or T-Labs where you needed some classes for sure. Anyhow, I'm not going to harp on that. Me personally, what I'll most likely do is just never come back and read these forums on Aion once 6.0 comes out. Maybe the first week to see how mad everyone will be but that's it. I haven't really played Aion since they removed Katalam and Danaria. I was getting into 5.0 for a few months, managed to get 73 on my Gunner, and 70 on my glad, templar, and chanter, maybe some others, but stopped cause there is just no point playing a game with no content other than one map. The truth about Aion now is that it's pretty much just an event game. That's it. Login for events, log off. (That's if you play the game, cause I sure don't). Regardless what they do, they're never EVER going to bring back the population and have this game flowing with life ever again. Sure even if we were still stuck in 4.0, I promise you, there would be way more people still, and the servers probably would have not even needed a merge but yes the game would eventually still die. I hope they consider an Aion 2, but with Black Desert, and all their other games, I doubt they will.
  6. Is Aion Dying...

    I still stand by what I said on like page 2, and honestly I feel the biggest reason MOST people quit, including me was because of content being removed from the game such as Katalam and Danaria. We were left with boring content (Cygnea which is somehow staying over the likes of lluma) and it just wasn't fun for people. Sieges were non existent. As I said. I played on Siel, the biggest server in terms of population in NA. Any other server, especially Tiamat, and IS honestly can't really speak much, especially TM tho cause the population was severely low, even when I tried TM back in 2014, it barely had anyone, no LFG's being made, sieges were small. (Was like how the hell can anyone play on this server with it being dead?) and as I said, I can't imagine what that server was like right before the last merge. Would love to hear someone say how it was dead when the sever was already dead, but then again Siel was just that big. Anyhow most of my friends quit due to all the content being removed, but... People have their reasons for quitting. So obviously because of hackers, gear and leveling progression and the struggling of the rough grind to get maxed out. Many people quit due to the bad RNG, and how you could waste a fortune on manastones and never get them fully socketed (so many quit because of this). However, in my opinion, most quit due to content being removed. I expect more to quit in 6.0 The question should be this. Would anyone return if there was a Aion 2 coming out? I said yes at first, but then changed my mind to no because you have to think about this. Many people were playing this game when they were younger. Now people would have families and jobs, and would be too invested into something else to come back. I was like 21, or 22 when I first played Aion, now I'm 28. I think Aion 2 wouldn't grab old players to come back, but I think NCsoft should be aware if they make a part 2 that deleting old content can be bad if you don't have good content to put in place. Man I miss the rifting days and 3.0 so much. It was like now the game is boring when they put fast track out, and then 4.0 came out, and happy days all over again, tho rifting still never got back to being it's old self, even with the 5.0/lluma update or whatever. The thing is tho, when they killed rifting with fast track, they did make 4.0 and it was successful. Cynea/Inshar were not successful. I think those areas would be removed, but the devs are too lazy of having to constantly switch and move instances and quests every single patch and just said F it and keep Cynea and Inshar lol. For me, I just keep tabs on the game, I don't think I'll even update it for 6.0. I did love the game so much, I'll still come to read and see what the community is saying, but shit has to die sometime. I kinda wished the game would already shut down and they would work on a similar or part 2/sequel. Lastly, lets be honest, this goes with what I said about a sequel and Aion 2 being made and if players would return.. I doubt anyone would come back. League Of Legends has taken over the world at this point, and even Fortnite. No one would want to play Aion 2.
  7. Is Aion Dying...

    Can't believe people are saying hackers killed this game, and bots and dropped the population. Far from the truth, and actually the least cause. The real cause is them deleting qualities of content like Katalam/Danaria. Hackers have always been in this game from the beginning, even in 3.0, and 4.0, where the game was at it's biggest point in terms of population (especially 4.0) with tons of hackers. NO ONE QUIT because of that. They all quit after they removed Katalam, and Danaria, and gave us the worst maps in Aion history, so linear, and boring to play on, and filled full of junk. That's why people quit. Also, they killed rifting which made this game fun but I digress cause 4.0 was big even with rifting a shell of its former self. So what to do on a boring map? Nothing. Nothing=boring=quit. More people will be quitting in 6.0. The game already is only left with rank wh0re$ and house owners who want to keep their place in a video game.... That's pretty much the truth lol. And again, I came from Siel, the biggest server, those who played on any other server truly doesn't know what a population even is. I tried Tiamat back in like 2014, and it was so dead, can't imagine what it was like before the merge... So yeah, I see how alive this game really was, and how it died. BECAUSE OF CONTENT BEING REMOVED. FAVORITE PLACES BEING REMOVED.
  8. Is Aion Dying...

    Aion is dying, or should I say already dead? I mean even dead games has a few players. I started Aion during 3.0 and had some of the most fun times of my life playing MMO's. It was great. Rifting was huge, and then after about two years give or take, rifting was killed by fast track (eventually even killed more). No worries tho, 4.0 came and the biggest pvp battles ever were taking place, huge sieges, and it was just a party. Then they removed Katalam/Danaria, and the game started dying pretty fast (I was playing Siel server, I honestly believe those who played on Siel should be more credible in terms of what they say cause Siel was the biggest population). So yeah I played in Cygnea for about two months and quit, and came back a year later, and tried out lluma, the game honestly just wasn't the same, and really dead in my opinion cause 3.0/4.0 had hundreds of players in Sanctum. 5.0 or whatever when lluma was around had maybe 30 lol unless there was big events like fire temple. So yeah it was a big drop. Honestly speaking. It's gonna stay that way. The people telling you this game is gonna come back to life again are dead wrong. Not happening in 6.0, not happening in 6.2. If anything, MORE people are going to quit when they remove all these areas like Eltnen, and other's. Just WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT NCSOFT? Removing Katalam/Danaria killed the game. If those areas had still been around, Aion would still have had many players as it did in 4.0 So what to do? Make Aion 2. it's that simple. Start working on it now, stop trying to fix the mess you created in what? 4.6? or 4.8? whenever Katalam/Danaria were removed. I'll miss the old days, I'm nostalgic, but Aion was definitely more fun back then. The crap we take for granted like being ganked a million times a day from a rifter, and things. Just make Aion 2.
  9. So, they are removing many areas soon enough, just like they did with katalam and danaria which made 85% or more of the playerbase quit. Anyhow, in a world where there was only one area for each side, which would you prefer it to be? For me. Eltnen. I loved Eltnen the most and had the most fun there. I'm lazy but I'll write more later. Which place would you keep and why? ({Yeah Eltnen is being removed, stupid devs).
  10. My 5.6 feedback thread

    Nothing they do will ever bring back how fun 3.0 and 4.0 was.
  11. Welcome to the New Aion Forums

    This is cool, lets be honest. This is several years too late. The forums should have been changed way long ago.However, it's nice for older players witnessing some history be changed, and yadda yadda.