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  1. Yesterday we run and we have 1 gold, today.... not better
  2. Do they really increase the drop rates? Yesterday we run, we had 1 gold....
  3. In the past it was the same, Aion Korea has/had so many beautiful skins, but the most of them we never get them because of license isuses... In europe we got once a such a cute skin, but Gameforge got much trubble for using them... Did you seen the Coca Cola spot for Aion in the past? There was things for aion in there. But it seems, thats was only for the asia market...
  4. When the server starts at 2009, the levlin was much worse than now.... It take month for lvl 50 and you blame these? There are enough normal quests for levlin and you can take a group and go to the elite mobs. Its faster and: more money and things for sell^^ PS: Sorry for my english, im not a native speaker ^^
  5. A guildmate told me, thats in a short time no login or trade is possible. Its most at eu-time 5 - 6 pm
  6. Youre not alone with these problem, i have it too. I dont know whats wrong. Has a GM a answer for these problem?
  7. Whats about the chat filter? Has it been fixed? I still see these scu***ags of kinahseller ....
  8. I hope, they will fix the chat filter too. Its so anoying to see the f*** kinahsellers over and over again... The deavapass should be accountwide, many other games do the same, that such things for all charakters, not for only one. How many gamers could afford such a amount?
  9. What ive heard, that Aion classic wont be go so far. Crafting will be a relative place in there.
  10. Agree 100 % But there is a better solution for our cubemanagement: a special place for the collectible items (wood, plants...) tooooooo. In Elder Scrolls Online is such a special place for these items, but: you have to pay for it, when youd like to have it.
  11. The best way for the europeans is a server in europe, but these will never happen through NCSoft.. PS: NCSoft banned Kinahseller.... never laughed so much. Every day i have to block a bunch of these scumbags....
  12. I had same problem yesterday, i had to try with four browsers... (Edge, Firefox, Opera and Chrome). Chrome worked at least for these. By the way: are the servers online?
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