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  1. Returning!!

    So im thinking of returning soon! Hows the games population doing nowadays? and which server would be better?
  2. nice new paint squirt class

    they were actually going to make it a giant brush but they changed it but omfg a year ago i suggested a painter class that used a giant brush for melee attacks it seems to have both melee and ranged abilities im confused lool, it says is mid ranged but alot of the skills are ranged and there are some melee too
  3. New Class is coming?

    so i guess its a support class, it increases party members strength by 200%
  4. nice new paint squirt class

    thats just a teaser though... just because you see her with a spay paint can for .2 seconds at the beginning doesnt make it a graffiti class
  5. New Class is coming?

    but the SW dont really reflect thise minstrels. SW isnt a typical bard. its a glamorous one with unicorns and penguins. why cant people just learn to embrace uniqueness? no wonder every mmo is the exact same european holy trinity clone, cuz the second we introduce something unique, it gets bashed
  6. nice new paint squirt class

    did you watch the gameplay? the class looks nothing like a "spray paint hooligan"
  7. nice new paint squirt class

    but how does that effect you? ok so you have to look at everyone else thats playing it, so? if it bugs you that they exist in the same game as you thats your own problem tbhh. your claim reminds me of many different real world examples that also dont add up either. at the end of the day, what else were yall expecting? they needed to make a second class for muse, and a clear option is an artist, what were yall expecting to take the spot? a brawler? a magic blader?
  8. New Class is coming?

    is this how people reacted when songweaver was announced?? yall doin the most tbh
  9. nice new paint squirt class

    i thought of a very similar idea a long time ago anyways why yall so pressed?? if you dont like the class then dont play it maybe? who cares if it looks silly, you have like 8 other non-silly classes to play as. plus, its a PAINTER, how else do you think the skills are supposed to look? of course its gonna be colorful, its a painter!!!
  10. Best Server to start Playing 6.**

    idk, last time i played (about 2 months ago) there were WAAAY more elyos on katalam than on danaria, and there were WAAAY more asmos on danaria than katalam
  11. To whom it may concern.

    im waiting until 6.0 to level because i like to meet people while im leveling and the players atm dont seem to want to so imma wait for the influx of players once 6.0 hits
  13. So I just revisited Aion after 2 years...

    its dead for most of the day but most of the playerbase comes on around 8 pm EST and it starts to get dead again at like 1:30 AM and i have an elyos and a asmodian most of the elyos are on KT because i think thats what it recommends when you create a character, so sooner or later DN will be deserted on elyos side and most Asmodian are on DN, idk why because it think it also recommends KT when you create an asmodian but this is bad for PvP because the majority of the factions playerbases are on 2 different server.
  14. So I just revisited Aion after 2 years...

    Rift is very similar except its blatantly P2W, the devs dont even try to hide it. but the playerbase is more vibrant and sociable and it has better maps and skill customization.
  15. Pre 6.0 nostalgia

    wait but besh was a part of ingisson why is it being deeeted?