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  1. He already mentioned that his friend traded ap at some point. It doesnt matter how many times you did it, its in their Terms and Conditions that its not allowed, and it has been mentioned on forum several times. Just because you did it 1 2 or 3 times doesnt mean you didnt do it lol
  2. I think its kinda shameful when there were even pictures and other evidence of people trading ap and they refuse doing anything, the forum is as empty as the servers, both lead by a team who refuses to do anything to save themselves before everyone is leaving. It feels bad, I really enjoy the game, but when your forum is 90% made of people waiting for a change thats, by the way, in THEIR TERMS AND CONDITIONS, shows how much they care about this as a whole.
  3. Are we really not gettin 1,5 this week? Do you guys still have taken no action towards ap traders after 1month of knowing this issue? How do you decide your priorities, like who actually cares to play the game for some small buff when all the real problems are yet to be solved.
  4. I mean, whatever you got on video, there is nothing there that shows any signs of hacking, the only thing that might be something is the fall damage but it could be lag/visual bug, you seeing him further away than he really is.
  5. Dunno what to say dude, we daily form groups to pvp in abyss and we do so for a few hours, fighting groups of elyos and stuff, you are either different time zone or just crying on forums for no reason
  6. There are so many eu players that it would be weird to not have atleast a siege per week eu friendly
  7. You are right with the numbers, is a huge discrepancy, but it has nothing, nothing at all to do with leadership being very bad. Totally 2 different problems. Yes, we do have a problem with player base, but that has nothing to do with leaders not knowing how the hell a siege works, and this was already proven in the first siege nights.
  8. I couldn't agree more, I mean cmon man, the first siege the guy didnt even knew that the fortress boss wouldnt appear straight away, told everyone to go in just to get wiped for no reason. They are either bad players or don't care enough to make some research to actually understand how a siege goes.
  9. I keep getting disconnected for 20 mins every hour, and a lot of people from eu get the same thing, whats happening ?
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