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  1. 6.) Kicked from instances, and wasting kooldown. 7.) Recruit-Group blank By now you get the point, why it's unplayable., lol.
  2. Correct, and it's been going on since the beginning (about 5 weeks now). Here's a list of the things I have seen personally: 1.) Broker is blank, until relog 2.) Buying from NPC Merchant, takes your money, but you get no item until you Exit and completely relog 3.) Can't Block Gold Spammers in chat. 4.) Quest items seem to Poof. 5.) Crafting quests can be picked up numerous times, since they game thinks you don't have them. After Relog, you have tuns of work-orders. The most annoying issue of it all, isn't even the part of having to relog. It's the part where it takes 30-6
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