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  1. If low ping and same skill & char level (75) & gear of the players: Sin Sorc Gladiator Spiritmaster Songweaver/Gunner/Cleric Templar/Ranger Chanter Always keep in mind, that group composition and socketed stigmas (mantras, thronesong, IB, lightning slash, wow, sod, and so on) can greatly affect the groups dps, as well as peoples ability to keep certain buffs (like songweaver thronesong) up all the time
  2. /Select [Self] /follow --> cancels the animation when you resurect
  3. That's incorrect. It's because of the crit dmg multiplicator of the mainhand weapon. Dagger x2.2 Sword/Mace x2.1 PA/GS/Bow x1.7 Si if u would deal 1000 dmg non crit it would be 2200 dmg with a dagger-crit and 2100 with a sword-crit. Might not sound much, but if you sum it up for attacks over a length of 3min+ it's a lot Let me stress it, that's only IF you got weapons of same quality.
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