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  1. Please fix all of our Preorder and Collector’s Edition in-game items so they may be acquired by our new characters and/or characters that are still missing them as promised!!!???
  2. Preorder and Collector’s Edition in-game items are STILL NOT fixed either!!!???
  3. This is belated but I just wanted to throw this information in there for Valedia-DN. Bryos-KT is NOT NCSoft....just so you know.
  4. Correct. If you are not helping or not providing support or ways of fixing or assistance in getting the issue fixed...you are absolutely part of the problem...especially being a negative impact on getting the issue resolved. So basically, and in a nutshell...don't reply or respond here if you are not trying to help get the issue fixed...or providing assistance in getting the issue resolved/fixed. Hope that clears it up for you and others against seeing the outstanding issues resolved.
  5. Even if that were the case...which it isn't...they can always apply items to accounts...it is just a matter of only the few developers that are able to do so...since support do not have the tools do so (know this from experience)...AND...even if they could not verify the codes for who got what...maybe some of us...the smart ones...kept such items/proof...so it would just be a matter of having us provide proof of our codes. Again...do not be a part of the problem...be a part of the solution...or just do not reply unless you are NCSoft or are trying to help "Fix" the actual issue by submitt
  6. Also, sure there are others out there willing to be quitters or give up on issues needing resolution...apparently including yourself Cheesecake-DN...but leave and keep that to yourself. Otherwise, you become part of the problem...and not part of the solution. So, I ask again... NCSoft...We still await the answer to when these issues will be fixed!?
  7. Unfortunately, I pre-ordered and paid for such...as did many of us! Whereas they promised and provided the items and titles before and quoted for each and every character going forward....thus...they need to fix it and do so again! Otherwise, they need to develop or provide another form of equal compensation or refund. So, I ask again... NCSoft...We still await the answer to when these issues will be fixed!?
  8. However, just to note, Support...still...did not use the appropriate response to this issue...as is VERY common with them...in providing "Cookie Cutter" and pasted responses. Especially, considering they could have posted a similar response to what "Cheesecake-DN" provided. Just wanted to point that out.
  9. NCSoft...We still await the answer to when these issues will be fixed!?
  10. Also, why does support keep replying with the following when you bring the previous to their attention...which is still not an actual answer or help to the problem because they have stated this for years also...?
  11. Pre-Order and Collector's Edition Items!? When will you fix the problem of being unable to apply our pre-order items and collector's edition items? This has been a problem for many years now! We are unable to apply the items as your website instructs...and your support keeps providing the following...but this does not work!!!
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