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  1. Hello guys I am a 66 ranger os SL. Currently I work on aether/essence tapping, besides I want to master a profession but I am not sure which one to go with. I am a novice hand crafter and alchemist. The problem is I cant decide which one to focus, also I am thinking of tailoring. Only recipes you get are the ones from special merchants and supply sellers? or there are more worthwhile recipies? if so can you tell me where to get them. When I look at handcrafting bows and accesories from the special merchants near master, they look like crapp so I am dissappointed. Can I craft better and more wo
  2. Hello guys I am an asmo ranger. Actually I started to play aion on 4.0 but stoped playing. Now I returned playing it. My old character was SM, but now I wanted to try something different. So long story short after hitting 66 I ma so confused, like really on everything. I have never entered arena nor done pvp so I suck at it. I dont have a good gear. I use what came up from returned player lv 65 box with full critic manastones. So what I am gonna do now? game became so confusy. Can gimme some recommendations or a list of things I gotta do?
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