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  1. Cheater and hacker. 6v1 he killed us all even though we were a group of 50's. Instantly restoring flight time and damn near impossible to kill. Teleports to locations of people that are high rank. Instantly knows where everyone is at most times. Please do something NC.
  2. We told you this was going to happen if you guys didn't calm down in the abyss sieges. We aren't going to show up and lose AP and get dominated for no reason. You Elyos wanted to kill the server. We Asmodians warned you against it and suggested trading forts like in the old days. You guys didn't want to listen, so we made good on our promise and collectively decided not to show up till we were ready. It'll still be a while. So sit quietly in a dead abyss with no hope of getting defense medals until we Asmodians decide it's time to show up. You were warned and we made good on our threat. You El
  3. ^ The reason for that is they are frustrated about not being able to do anything at raids. We are severely outnumbered and about 20 people from my friends list have already quit to reroll Elyos because apparently it's a free ride. We are literally losing numbers to join the Elyos. No one wants to be on the losing side, and we are gonna keep losing if we keep losing Asmos. Even if the instances aren't in the game, it doesn't matter. Just to be able to own a fort would be enough to boost morale and get the Asmos off their collective asses. Frankly, I wanna be done myself. I can only farm s
  4. Asmos will never be able to take anything with the Elyos being as greedy as they are. They have too much and the Asmos can't compete. Looks like Asmos will be getting daily crowns again to make up for the SEVERE server imbalance. Asmos can't take a fort and Elyos have all the medals and AP they could ever need from the instances since they've held forts since day one. Something needs to be done before all the Asmos quit. Because it's already starting to happen. Please do something NC, because this is effing pathetic.
  5. Thats a pretty sweet transformation. Can't see in the video but what rank were you?
  6. Taken literally a few hours before 2.0 went live. I was the one recording. Sorry for the quality of the video in some parts, this was a lot of years ago. On The Eve of 2.0 Me and a few friends decided to go rifting before the update went live and nerfed rifting. This is the end result. We had a blast. Major props to Last Resort, remember and Aurora Members who came out to play. Fun times. See you all in the abyss XD Also, sorry to Jokes for the embarrassing cleave kill I got him with.
  7. Nah, not throwing the towel in. Just trying to give people a place to chat and forum PvP. Instead of clogging the forum like we all used to do in the old days. I remember always checking the forums. People would also use the forums to speak to Elyos or Asmos if they didn't have the translator for the Asmo or Elyos language.
  8. Hey, Demigo here. Like in the old days if you got killed you could come here to call out the Elyos or Asmo that killed you. I guess you still can. So, instead of multiple people making threads about being killed, we could make this a mega thread for all callouts. I myself am on Israphel server for classic, so the only thing you would need to do is say what server you're in before you start your message. That way people who share same names across servers will know who you are talking about. Let's have fun and forum PvP. Stay salty my friends.
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