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  1. I don't turn a blind eye to them at all. I've been dealing with NC for a long, long time and this has always been par for the course in the west. Bottom line is NC will always put their Korean player base first. That's how it has and always will be. I've just learned that if I want to be able to compete with AP traders and bot farmers then all I have to do is farm my butt off. Whether it be killing Balaur in the abyss for mats, grinding guards for AP or farming in Brusthonin without the fear of being zerged. When I farm in the abyss I am never alone. I have buddies with me that come running t
  2. That's never been an issue for me. Even back in 09. The game is great and I still find awesome PvP. I'm not understanding the P2W mentality you think this game has. Buy Candy get Kinah. If you are referring to the pass, that is available to everyone. And even then, it really doesn't make that much of a difference. 3 or 4 crowns per pass and the rest is nothing but scrolls, titles, potion and emotes? HTF is that pay to win? I've had zero issue getting AP gear and find fun PvP everywhere in the abyss. I love the quests, the story, the PvP, the forum PvP and playing with my friends and then with
  3. Because they love the game. Like I do.
  4. A bow and arrow? For pulling if I need to in case of not having a temp and I'm the one tanking.
  5. Oh, you think so? I have my Bakarma and know the difference between non-extendi AOE and Extendi AOE. I know how to run and jump cancel and pot or use heal skills so the Cleric can focus on Temp and other members. WTF do I not know? Been playing glad since Release in 09 and you are trying to preach to me? I even know how far to take myself away from an enemy to still aoe and not wake up the cc'ed mob. So, i know you aren't talking to me. pfff. Nyerk off mate.
  6. LMAO at people saying Glads are hard to play. PvE wise, you don't even need a brain to play the class, but I will agree that PvP is a different story. But straight up saying Glad is hard to play makes me fall out of my chair laughing. Seriously?
  7. LOL. I thought that was Tyler1. Wasn't sure. Not used to seeing him stand next to someone taller, lmao.
  8. Wut? How does your brain function?
  9. Ahh, ok. I was assuming people were calling hacks against people who were actually just animation cancelling with proper timed jumps and such. My bad.
  10. Ahh, ok. It seems I misunderstood your point. My apologies. And I agree, Old Aion was not Solo Friendly. The servers were run by the legions basically.
  11. Ahhh, so excuse my presumption, but, I'm assuming you never played launch? Before 2.0? You weren't a part of the pay to play group when the game first came out? If I'm mistaken, let me know. My point is that if you have never played from back then, you don't really have room to speak. The current retail of Aion is rubbish which is why they released classic. Classic right now, has far more player base than retail does. You know why? Because despite the candies, the game is better in this version.
  12. What? Care to speak English?
  13. But this is assuming all glads are bad in which they are not. I'm very geared and use scrolls and pots to help the Cleric and food. I personally have no problems getting invited to Adma and DC. But by excluding glads from your group whether they are geared or not, you are forcing glads to make their own groups and by your own admission means they wouldn't find one anyway. Do you know what kind of DMG Glads can put out. Not to mention Glads are OFF TANKS! If the temp dies or loses aggro the glad can easily pick it back up without the mob or boss going to cleric. For F's sake, I steal aggro fro
  14. Guessing you got killed a lot. I find it hard to believe you never did a group instance. Because you can mob grind to 50 yes, but you aren't soloing certain campaigns. Unless you just never finished them, which I believe is the case because you never grouped.
  15. That is until you actually need a glad for something and then nyerk that he isn't geared for what you want him for. Your logic is severely flawed.
  16. Buy the full month. You spend more otherwise. Stop being cheap and buy the pass. Holy crap. The entitlement on this version of the game is insane.
  17. OP is obvious troll, lol.
  18. "Is using animation hacks allowable or can NCsoft just not detect it?" Rag-DN I don't know what you mean by this, unless you are referring to Canceling. Which can be done by pretty much any class. Jumping at the right times during a skill or casting at certain points while moving. This was a thing back in 09-10 and was not bannable. There are guides to do it on yt without programs. It's not an exploit because it was never addressed by NC back in the day and was considered the sign of a good player who understood mechanics. So, this particular point confuses me.
  19. Fortunately, IS-A started fighting back. We had 2 lowers at one point. Now we have a lower and an upper. Even took a fort from the Elyos while they defended. They came to take one of our lower forts with almost all they had and we managed to defend it somehow. We just started grinding little by little and started getting gear little by little and now we can actually fight back somewhat. Israphel is still not in that good of a shape but it's definitely better than a few weeks ago. Just work hard. Do what you have to do to get your gear and levels. We did and we can finally fight bac
  20. Sounds like a lot of new players here. Let me be clear and blunt. If you don't like PvP, you will not like Dredgion. It literally forces you to fight while doing tasks. I LOVE and LIVED in Dredgion back in 09-2010. And as geared as the Elyos and Asmodians are now compared to back then, we are ALL in for a very rough, very different experience. Expecting to see Tahabata Weapons quicker than usual too. More than likely it will be the higher Ranked guilds that will get those S rank Tahabata Runs First. Prepare your nyerkholes for Epic Tahabata Weapons getting shoved right up in there.......A LOT.
  21. (82) Asmodian Girls Song (Aion Parody / Machinima) - YouTube From a competition when retail was still in 2.0. For some Contests NCWest was having back in the day. It's a pretty fun video. MY fav bit is when the nyerk starts rapping, lol.
  22. Cheater and hacker. 6v1 he killed us all even though we were a group of 50's. Instantly restoring flight time and damn near impossible to kill. Teleports to locations of people that are high rank. Instantly knows where everyone is at most times. Please do something NC.
  23. We told you this was going to happen if you guys didn't calm down in the abyss sieges. We aren't going to show up and lose AP and get dominated for no reason. You Elyos wanted to kill the server. We Asmodians warned you against it and suggested trading forts like in the old days. You guys didn't want to listen, so we made good on our promise and collectively decided not to show up till we were ready. It'll still be a while. So sit quietly in a dead abyss with no hope of getting defense medals until we Asmodians decide it's time to show up. You were warned and we made good on our threat. You El
  24. ^ The reason for that is they are frustrated about not being able to do anything at raids. We are severely outnumbered and about 20 people from my friends list have already quit to reroll Elyos because apparently it's a free ride. We are literally losing numbers to join the Elyos. No one wants to be on the losing side, and we are gonna keep losing if we keep losing Asmos. Even if the instances aren't in the game, it doesn't matter. Just to be able to own a fort would be enough to boost morale and get the Asmos off their collective asses. Frankly, I wanna be done myself. I can only farm s
  25. Asmos will never be able to take anything with the Elyos being as greedy as they are. They have too much and the Asmos can't compete. Looks like Asmos will be getting daily crowns again to make up for the SEVERE server imbalance. Asmos can't take a fort and Elyos have all the medals and AP they could ever need from the instances since they've held forts since day one. Something needs to be done before all the Asmos quit. Because it's already starting to happen. Please do something NC, because this is effing pathetic.
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