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  1. Dude ... a more casual player won't even be able to level up the pass to reap the rewards in the first place ... It's not meant for casual players.
  2. You say this, but you and I (and everyone else) knows this isn't how it works out. It isn't the busy full time employed parent, or the college student buying these. It is the full-time player/sweat buying these. I'm a fully employed business owner, with many responsibilities, and I do not buy the Daeva Pass. So, now I'm at a double disadvantage to the sweats who play 12+ hours a day, and buy the Daeva Pass Premium membership. This doesn't strike a balance, it significantly overpowers the players who are already investing more time. Let's stop being silly about these things. Pay2Win, in an
  3. Just to make it clear - These players were clearly exploiting a repeatable quest anyone could see was intended to be done daily. Exploiters should be banned. The other concerns are certainly warranted, and I agree, the direction of NA Aion needs to track significantly differently than it already has.
  4. Couple interesting things to consider. This is an mmoRPG. In a Role Playing game, the goal is to build up a character, and progress the character through level, character abilities, and gear. In a competitive RPG, the gear and abilities selected/earned are essentially components to that competition. If you want fully scaled PvP encounters, where gear doesn't matter, then you have your options (Fortnite, Apex, Valorant, Others). If you want a competitive RPG, then gear and builds MUST matter. The question is, how is this gear acquired. Aion was beloved as an Competitive RPG because if you
  5. My level 16 SM has over 1.5m kinah ... Never bought a Candy. No Daeva Pass.
  6. Yeah, the subscription is 100% the reason why I'm actually playing Aion again. Glad its back. Sorry you won't be joining us.
  7. So true. Subscription models without P2W Stores or Passes is far superior. I really do wish MMOs would stick with this tried and true formula.
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