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  1. please make pve gear drops a thing again, its almost impossible to get geared now
  2. Windstream equipment quests: event or permanent?

    I have ancient herald gear
  3. Windstream equipment quests: event or permanent?

    But what if all you have you have for PvP gear is the gear you guy in Lakrum (+0) is it worth plusing it or just gettting katalam gear?
  4. @Cyan, About Vandal skill changes.

    thats if you have a credit card to throw at ncsoft im a poor student :')
  5. Windstream equipment quests: event or permanent?

    Choice box
  6. @Cyan, About Vandal skill changes.

    is a vandal really complaining about their damage??? really? try being a SW then complain :T
  7. Windstream equipment quests: event or permanent?

    But like is it really worth it cus you only get one piece of gear
  8. SW in 7.2

    Alright so I’ve been hearing constantly that SW is gonna be “fixed” and get better in 7.2 but some ppl say they are getting even more nerfed so which is it?
  9. SW in 7.2

    Welp it looks like I’m either gonna have to find a new class a new game or just suffer without +15 stigs
  10. SW in 7.2

    I dont understand how can anyone get a +15 stigma without paying billions???
  11. SW in 7.2

    Welp looks like I won’t be going back to SW gotta find a new main
  12. SW in 7.2

    Woah woah what is a golden stigma? @AriaTheMelodious-DN
  13. Instead of whining about how ncsoft treats their games just grow a pair and quit pretty sure if enough ppl leave ncsoft will grow a pair and shut down this sinking ship
  14. Do you guys remember when...

    That’s it wrap it up kids, time to find a new game
  15. Do you guys remember when...

    no offense but get outta here with that mobile gaming bull PCs will forever be better
  16. Do you guys remember when...

    I remember all of this unfortunately ncsoft don't care about us anymore
  17. Daevanion Skill Enchantment Success Rates (Korea)

    haha i bet also this is probably something that will be nerfed to hell in the west
  18. What's new?

    Indeed it is 2020 unfortunately theres rly nothing new in aion we're just waiting for 7.2 to hit with no eta, No, you didn't miss the snowballs, and its not rly worth logging it other than on resets and events
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 18, 2019

    il n'y a pas d'entretien hebdomadaire jusqu'au nouvel an à cause des vacances googletranslateftw

    hopefully as a late xmas gift we'll get EC back and 7.2 >.^

    The title of this post is so aggressive lol and you sir just bleeds asmo energy, anywhoooooo Happy Holidays.
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 18, 2019

    Isn't there a content drought in all regions? or am i wrong? but anyway, I agree this is how our events should be and of all events they should give us the return of the eye one we had back in 5.x cus that was fun
  23. Aion Tshirts When?

    did y'all expect for ppl to actually get a shirt hahahhh have y'all forgot that this game is ran by ncsoft
  24. Skin Farming in 7.0

    @Cyan is there any way we could get the Malefic gear as a skin on the GST? Or even as a form of crafting in aetherforging please
  25. What keeps you going?

    With all it’s flaws and P2W what keeps you playing aion expect for you know addiction lol