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  1. Alts Post 6.0

    I cant find anything wrong with this but I really want too haha
  2. Alts Post 6.0

    All of my important alts are on one account so I don't think I have to worry about that lol ^^
  3. Design Contest

    Wow okay I’m surprised that my crap design qualified
  4. Design Contest

    So are we just gonna ignore how they picked the most Lolita anime looking costume when they are much better ones ? *cough cough* crimson touch *cough*
  5. 6.0 info

    I keep hearing about a kinah reset can someone kinda explain what that means?
  6. Pre 6.0 nostalgia

    I'm just gonna roll in and say I miss the 4.8 login music
  7. Design Contest

    I can't wait either i'm glad I won't be apart of that salt, I mean I did enter but haha I knew I wasn't gonna win lol
  8. Aion JP announced Refly update

    oh wow
  9. NCSOFT is going to disspoint us again?

    thanks for the translation
  10. Aion JP announced Refly update

    really? theres a brand with that name already?
  11. Aion JP announced Refly update

    "The tower of Aion" who at NCJapan thought of that?
  12. NCSOFT is going to disspoint us again?

    I got a headache trying to read this and I still don't know what the hell it means
  13. These manastones are a pain in the bum absolutely hard to use! but anyway how do you socket gear with these things I was told there is a limit then after that they are no longer useful. Is this a thing? or not b/c I'm just very very lost
  14. THIS^ was me all weekend and is gonna be me all week >x<
  15. I'm just gonna skip straight to the point, I want to increase my MR (and MS) should I use a different set or just change the manastones in my gear and how do I do this without effecting my MB?
  16. 6.0 info

    maybe cus there some new ones coming out? idk lol
  17. 6.0 info

    A few of my glad friends have extendable poles and they do that swingy rubber thing
  18. 6.0 info

    but don't all extendable weapons look like that? lol?
  19. How do you use the archdeava manastones

    Ah geez that's a lot to take in TT-TT Thanks for the help even tho im still very confused lol
  20. Magic Resist for a Magic Class?

    haha its funny cus im far from op
  21. Aion NA best free to play awesome game

    Is there some hidden contest on the forums for who can post the most cus uh I never seen that before
  22. Magic Resist for a Magic Class?

    Should I use Arena or Prime for it?
  23. Rerolling sorc is it a mistake?

    Very true about SWs VERY true I played a sorc before its very fun the only thing I found that I kinda struggled with was the cast time (coming from me not playing a true caster) I can say, Sorc is much more fun than SM IMO.
  24. Starting to use a SW in PvP

    Uh, ya no nyerking way you're just learning
  25. Crucible Spire

    How do you get past the 27th floor in the spire? it seems very impossible