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  1. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    IRL peeve when I'm trying to sleep and the train starts blowing it's horn waaaay too much Aion peeve SEND LOGS
  2. Cleric gear

    What manastones do a cleric need for pve and PvP gear because I don't know I was told Hp for pve and Mb for pvp without healing stigmas but i don't know if that correct help lel
  3. Aion November Preview

    Kumuki's daring rescue was the hardest TT_TT
  4. Cleric gear

    Well thanks for the straight forward answer
  5. Manastones for Ranger

    Last time I played ranger it was precision
  6. SW advice needed badly

    Ok, so I have a lvl 72 SW and I need to know what to do to make her stronger pve and pvp wise ;-; please help
  7. I can't connect to the server anyone have a fix?