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  1. 8 HOURS?! what am I supposed to do until then?
  2. Flight Problem

    haha so it turns out I have a scroll lock key (Fn+S) thanks for the help @Gabe-DN
  3. Flight Problem

    I'm a mouse user a heavy mouse user and for some reason I can't use my mouse to control my character during flight. Is anyone having this problem? is this a glitch or just me?
  4. Flight Problem

    Nope, b/c I'm pretty sure my keyboard doesn't have one
  5. Lvl 75 vs Lvl 80AP

    Thanks for the advice! Also, the Prime gear is so pretty it doesn't need a skin
  6. 6.0 info

    Thank gawd I really hate it especially the high daeva manastones very confusing @.@ at least for me
  7. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Peeve (BIG PEEVE) : Its cold as heck here QAQ Not Peeve: SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! o3o
  8. Connection Problems!!!!

    Okay, so for about two days the game has been constantly DC'ing I don't know if it's my internet (Which tbh I feel it's not) or the game itself. I've tried reboot my router and modem and computer but nothing seems to work. Also it's like on a timer or something every hour to an hour and half I dc...is anyone else having this type of issue?
  9. Connection Problems!!!!

    I'm using wifi and also I failed to mention that everytime I dc I get an aion.bin error message
  10. 6.0 info

    Well there goes the money I spent on ALL of that....
  11. 6.0 info

    They're removing godstones????
  12. What are these islands?

    So I've seen these islands on both the elyos and asmo side...What are they for?
  13. PVP advice for SW

    I need to know how to make a songweaver strong in pvp...like for gear and technique
  14. Ring of Ancient Magic

    Hello, I was wondering about this BCM item, does it go away after using it (and you have to buy it again)? or does it stay and is reuse able?
  15. Ring of Ancient Magic

    wow okay thanks ^^
  16. Fake snowball~

    Tbh I don't understand how people fall for this....either you have to be very stupid or just not paying any attention
  17. Does anyone else's game loads so slowly and then when you finally get to the game it gives you a system error(20)? If so, how do you fix this??
  18. Cleric DPS set

    What's better to use for a DPS set Sophisticated, AC mythic or Apollon?
  19. Ok Hi! I haven't been to siege since the merge and I was wondering if siege was worth doing as an elyos anymore? (I really need the spinel and GP)
  20. Cleric DPS set

    I thought Apollon was for PvE healing lel
  21. Stuck Leveling

    Just spam KT until you get to 43 or 44 do your blues and yellows in your zone (depending on which faction you play) then move when you get lvl 45 go to theobomos or whatever the asmo land is called
  22. Crucible Spire

    I figured gladi would be the easiest seeing how they have MANY aoes lol
  23. Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

    Not a peeve: Not having to watch kids so I can work on my resume and job applications
  24. PVP advice for SW

    I've never tried anything heal spec other than a cleric I've been looking into playing another class but...I don't know what class would be best for me also I wanna try to get my main to 75 before dumping her lol
  25. PVP advice for SW

    No wonder I get so bored playing SW