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  1. I could careless about anything! BUT MY PURRTY SLAYER FORM D::::::::::::::::::::
  2. WHINGING! I finally understand how Donald Trump became a president. and on that note, I agree with him, we MUST build a wall, a wall to separate us from these brainless plebs.
  3. No worry fams. Let me teach you how to get those gears, easily and surely with little to no effort. Ready? The secret recipe to get gears is..... AFK Siege, AFK in general, AFK for Event, AFK till there's some events that drop those things you need (presumably a month or so after the said patch). see? easy right?
  4. Brilliant idea! I'm sure NC would love implement this gracious idea of yours.
  5. Hello John, I would like to set an appointment for you to sit down and talk with our glorious Elyos Army Governor, Mlaki. Please reply and let me know what's the best time for you.
  6. you dont know about alt posting? I like the name Blood so i used this alt to post. please tell me who on aion actually boosted enough to not have at least an alt.
  7. funny, i found GMs are funny or rather, NCWest is funny~ Siege? good joke. Go and report all you want, if you can get hundreds and hundreds of alts and even mains banned, and see what will happen. also before we even go to the AFK part, the coalition shit is a joke. you can't choose who you want in your team. I'll afk if no cleric in group and yes I did and will definitely do it again, what are people gonna do, report? Go for it. off topic, can we stop with trying to justify those ONE TIME restoration? they aren't ONE TIME, get it? get it NC? GET IT? History has proven it, so s
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